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Steve Davis
Marketer, Communicator, Espresso Evangelist + some unexpected sides ...
Marketer, Communicator, Espresso Evangelist + some unexpected sides ...

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Solution for #Adelaide at #Clipsal500 time: Limit racing cars to the speed of peak hour traffic. Watch them organise it better next year!

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Yes, journalism is dead. The Advertiser @adelaidenow scrawled a few nothing lines on this 'major' story about whether to play music on a new footbridge between the #Adelaide CBD and a sports ground, and then padded out half the article with a bulleted list of song suggestions to play after a win or loss. I guess this is because only fans from one sporting team will cross the bridge at a time? No, just absence of logic and an easy way to fill newsprint

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Love Coke Zero and cricket - no ants attacked my drink while I attacked the bowling with my Bradman bat

This is mightily impressive: OCC The Skeptical Caveman lives as the only intelligent human in the dawn of time (how things haven't changed much) 

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A taste of reconciliation on Australia Day (the secret conversation between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott after being 'rescued' from the madding crowd in Canberra).
Julia: Are you okay, Tony?
Tony: Yes, I'm okay. Are you, Julia?
Julia: Yes, I'm fine.
Tony: Funny, for a few seconds there I just wanted to do what I could to help you.
Julia: Yes, I was relieved you made it to my car as well.
Julia: Now that we're okay, I suppose we can go back to despising each other?
Tony: Our members want it, the media demands it, the punters expect it.
Julia: So that's a yes?
Tony: Er, yes.
Julia: See, bipartisanship comes naturally for some.
They turn away from each other.

I am over the moon! Tonight my 3yo chose NOT a book or video clip from my phone but an improvised story that she acted out with her toy dinosaur and rabbit. Mightily proud of her. 

Just taught my 3yo a new word: hunting. Now she is hunting toys in her room. Lesson: don't teach verbs at bedtime!

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New Google+ Page created for The RITE Series with a post added about Google+ itself. Some interesting tests ahead.
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