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When a candidate doesn't realize that it's not a competition to win , not a company to run but it's a Country to serve with common sense .. A chance bestowed upon by the people to be a part of the government of the people and to work for the people...

#vote #presidentialdebate2016

Can't believe this is actually happening... sad to see such a person on the stage...

holding on to hope and still choosing to believe in America...fingers crossed...

Hope Hillary, the best qualified candidate in the whole USA right now wins these debates too...with grace elegance poise...not because she is a female but because she is.

I am. And I am with Hillary. Madam President.
If a racist is running for President, no surprise in supremacist racist policing...

What a sad and pathetic socio-political state!

God save the United States of America!

Oh wait, there is no one up there! So, it's on US! 
As the Autumn arrives....reminiscing and reliving the irresistible life of the incorrigible dreamer in me...

Excerpt from last Fall:

"As we set out on our everyday adventure, stepping out the door, passing by the holly berry bushes and the yellow-turned heart-shaped leaves of the redbud trees, Ruru walks on the fire lane, his ritual, and leads my way to the park, stopping first to spot some bees in the lavender bushes and bidding them bye.

Just as the rhyme goes...One, two, Buckle my shoe; Three, four, Open the door; Five, six, Pick up sticks; Seven, eight, Lay them straight...Ruru picks up twigs and enjoys counting while inspecting...I spend some time sitting on the bleachers squinting my eyes at the sunlight.

Feeling the earth under my feet, as the grass tickles my toes, transferring the drops of dew with every touch unto my feet, I roll on a bed of leaves, spread like fallen stars, still glistening in the sun. Under the shade of a sycamore tree...I dream a little dream!

I bury my face in the grass to smell the earth and wonder if I can hear the grass grow! My midday in park is like a Midnight in Paris, only to return to the present time from the company of existentialist philosophers and literary thinkers. My travel through time makes me anachronistic at times. Basking in the afternoon Sun, muting all the morning musings, Ruru plays and I ponder like no one’s watching.

The Sun warms my back, as I walk behind my son, the butterfly of my garden...looking for mushrooms hiding under the blades of grass, oh-so-gentle and graceful dancers to the tune of the wind...and the smiling grass flowers...This dawdling, dissecting leaves, chasing dragonflies and blowing dandelion dust, does serve a purpose, the pursuit of tranquility in this meaningless world, the simple pleasures! The more I embrace the blues, the more I enjoy the other shades of life. I love this tranquility and my melancholy, my pensive moods the same..nothing dark, just Mood Indigo!

While Ruru admires acorns like a little squirrel, I pick the leaves that speak to me to carry them home in my pocket and give them a life after life, in the pages of my wither and to wrinkle and become a memory, sometimes forgotten, but serendipitously cherished!

Thus the life of an existentialist romantic and the afterlife of a leaf."


She dwells with beauty, beauty that must live forever here!


Words that best describe #HillaryForPresident2016

Plans Precision Factual Fair Fearless Clarity Care Confidence Compassion Respect Composure

A Darling Demeanor!!!

Words that best describe #TrumpForPresident2016

Vague Uninformed Irrational Repetitive Provocative Pouty Taunting Sarcastic Quippy Oblivious

A Bully!!!

..proved by being himself with no prompt, nor provocation.

Hats Off to Hillary!!! Great Going!!!

Please vote for common sense guided #GunControl

For the upcoming season, the vaccines will include three or four strains, including two A strains, an H1N1 and an H3N2, as well as one or two B strains, according to the CDC. It recommends that everyone older than 6 months get vaccinated, unless they have health conditions that would prevent it.

The vaccines can't give a person the flu because the virus is killed before it's included in the shot. This year, the nasal vaccine is not recommended for use, as studies showed it was not effective during several of the past flu seasons.

But when to go?
"The ideal time is between Halloween and Thanksgiving," said Haynes at UConn.
"If you can't wait and the only chance is to get it in September, then go ahead and get it. It's best to get it early rather than not at all."
As daily airstrikes pound civilian targets in Syria, a group of indomitable first responders risk their lives to rescue victims from the rubble.

What more fun than falling on the foliage and rolling and raking up and playing "fall" again and again...feeling never to leave the fallen leaves...

I miss Central Park so so much ..ah, the beautiful bridges...and miss watching Ruru have such fun in Fall...

Reliving the amazing Autumn by replaying beautiful views of NYC from last year ..captured in my mind's eye and my cute canon white...

True to my name "Sarada", I love this season...October being my favourite...

The autumn air... crisp & cold, the dry and empty trees, the colors of the fallen leaves, the first them all like I loved Indian August, the monsoons, the festive fun of Dasara & Deepavali...

Fall in Love!

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