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Happiness tends to follow happy people...
Happiness tends to follow happy people...


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An old country tune once proclaimed that "no one knows what goes on behind closed doors." That may have been true...Until NOW...

We have rethought, redesigned and relaunched our company website to give you a better understanding of what we do and why we do it.

Get a glimpse of the projects, the people - the purpose - of our company, and see what +Gud Marketing  can do for you.

Some random thoughts in my head regarding ALS.

The challenge to date (growing by the second) raised $62.5 million.

1) Other non-profits everywhere probably feel like they just lost out on the lottery, having meetings to discuss how they can be next.

2) Both YouTube and Facebook teams are loving on the increase in video uploads. And I bet a lot of these uploads are from unique users (very first time) uploading a video.

3) Bet Facebook is loving it a whole lot more, on a hunch more of these mobile videos were uploaded straight to Facebook. I bet there was even a slight algorithm change to help push these posts up more.

4) Crowdfunding works. And I bet many people donated to ALS for their very first time, or even their first charity due to this being new and different....and key being personally invited to take part.

5) People are amazing! We have the power to come together through social to help others, and find cures.

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An article I was reading tonight from a Google analytics guy I follow shared this video. He went in to say that most companies recognize how important data is to be successful, but few know what to actually do with the data to be compelling to its audience.

"We know that data is powerful. But with a good story, it’s unforgettable."

When you separate stats from storytelling, storytelling will resonate better every time. When used together you combine not only understanding but meaning.

Other key pulls from this:

"We use to think it was our rational brain that makes decisions, but now we know it's emotion driving decisions and we rationalize the decision afterwards."


"Those who tell the best stories, will be the best leaders."

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Headed to the #Googleplex next week for the 2013 #Google  Engage All-Star Summit! 

excited to be going to the #googleplex  next week! Yay! 

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Please watch and share and help create a circle of protection.

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Can't wait for Sunday! 

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If you saw the Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications blog post yesterday about how brands like Gap are going to have a field day with Twitter's new Vine app, today's post gives you a step-by-step primer on how to get started with the iOS app. (Sorry, Android users! You'll have to settle for Vine Flow for now.)

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Great video to show your kiddos on the benefits for brushing their teeth. Informative for parents too, great way to start a discussion with them. 
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