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Sustainable Magic
Changing the world with Interactive Art & Creativity Education
Changing the world with Interactive Art & Creativity Education


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We just posted an endorsement video from Andrew "bunnie" Huang! 

Wow! We are currently 93% Funded! Just over $1000 to get to our initial goal! THANK YOU! - Of course we have stretch goals to let us do a LOT more, so please spread the word.

Who is  @bunniestudios? He's the creator of the Novena open source hw/software laptop,@Chibitronics circuit stickers, Chumby open internet appliance platform. He was the first to hack the xbox, and literally wrote the book on it.

He even has his own +Adafruit Industries store! section.

AND he's a super nice person, who enjoys an appropriate amount of Bass in his music. :)

We had the pleasure to live and work with him at Burning Man this year, working on the Dr. Brainlove art car for the #Phage.
Help us #crowdfund something amazing!
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We have just 9 days left to raise $6000 for our Kickstarter to create the Sustainable Magic Box - a truck set up as a high tech workshop. Our goals:
• To inspire people by showing them amazing things created with our infrastructure
• To educate people and enable them to experience creating using technology
• To help other artists, inventors, schools etc by sharing access to our toolset, and training them on how to use it.
• To help ourselves create better interactive art, to inspire more people to create.

This is a one minute video showing our space filled with things we have created over the last year. There is so much that can be done with the infrastructure of the Magic Box... BIG laser cutter (4' by 3' bed), multiple 3D printers (at least two, more if we get beyond $18,000). If you haven't, back our Kickstarter. Anyone can create amazing things - and we will help. But first we need your help! Please watch and share our video, and share our link - THANKS!
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