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The Saga Humane Society would like to give our sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped in first of our October SNIP-a-thon clinics with Helping Paws Across Boarders Oct.7-12. They were an international team of Veterinarians and Vet Tech’s who held Operation SNIP clinics at Saga Clinic, DFC and Caye Caulker.  Helping Paws completed over 150 FREE spay/neuters and 200 vaccinations for our communities. The animals were sterilized, treated for internal and external parasites and vaccinated against disease. All items and services were donated to Saga HS and Helping Paws (USA NGO) by individuals to benefit San Pedro. San Pedro gains economically by having these visiting Veterinary teams.  By sterilizing their pets, the community will become invested in the steps needed to control over population of domestic animals in San Pedro. 

We appreciate these dedicated caring professionals for coming to assist the animals of Belize. Helping Paws worked with always changing conditions from a power outage, rain during our MASH clinic and even helped round up some strays. They even got a chance to help assist in an operation on Lucky a loggerhead turtle brought to Saga HS by Ambergris Caye Marine Turtle Program. Lucky had lost her back flipper to a shark bite. She was patched up and is now in recovery at the Hol Chan Marine Office. To continue the wildlife theme they stitched up a Wish Willie who had been attacked by a dog. We cannot say Thank You enough to these compassionate professionals. 

Angie Cherry, Founder   
Jennifer Cherry Scott , Co-Founder 
Dr. Tom Parker
Dr. Adena Robertson
Dr. Cris Muldonado 
Dr. Chante Wildgoose
Dr. Daniel Levenson 
Jill Levenson
Nina Parker 
Davis Davidson 
Pat Anderson 
Stephanie Gharst 
Monica Watson
Mathew Wildgoose 

A special Thank you to Mrs. Adaly Ayuso, for hosting our team during a MASH clinic in DFC at her residence. This was a tremendous help in bringing the medical teams to be closer to the animals and save the time and expense of transportation to the Saga HS clinic. We appreciate your generosity of spirit and commitment to your community. 

We would like to give our Thanks to our local business community who helped sponsor this event and helped make these clinics such a success. It is with their support and donations that enable us to provide these services to our community. Please support those businesses that support their community. 
San Pedro Town Council
Exotic Caye
Casa Amarillo
Ultimate Golf Cart
Carts Belize
Caribeña Enterprises
Bowen and Bowen
Coral Beach Realty
Gecko Graphics

Our staff, board and local volunteers were truly the best. They worked hard, helped immensely and we are lucky to have such dedicated supporters. It’s through perseverance like theirs that we are able to help our island animals. Thank you. 

Dr. Orlando Baptist
Ingrid Lima
Noemi Castro 
Omar Alavarez 
Lacey Salinas
Gonzalo Salinas
Cindy Frith
Jacqueline Cervoni
Carolina Zapata
Marlon Calderon
Lori & Jim Prediger
Ashley Goehmann
Anna Hanna
Iliana Paj
Rosa La Rosa 

The goal of Operation SNIP is to sterilize 75% of the island animals in 3-5 years.  This will STABILIZE the pet population. In doing so, virtually NO PETS will be strays, wandering and breeding freely. No animals will be born that will not have Forever homes. Saga HS has pledged to raise money or bring visiting Veterinary teams to offer low cost or free spay/neuter, with a goal of 1,000 animals per year during this project. Contact us if you can donate your time or services to the worthily cause.

Helping Paws Across Borders KNOWS It’s Hip to SNIP!

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February is Spay/Neuter awareness month, and February 26th is World Spay Day! Help Saga celebrating by making your appointment to have your or your neighbors animals spay/neuter for FREE! Call 226-3266 Tues-Friday to make your appointment. 
For every $1000 raised Saga HS can SNIP 30 animals, how can you help?

It's HIP to SNIP!

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Please Vote for the wonderful Miss Clara Lee Arnold. If she wins the money goes to our sister organization the Hopkins Humane Society! Please help support this worthy cause. Let's show some Saga love!

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Help Saga celebrate "Happy NO Father's Day" by donating
to our spay/neuter fund. Donations can be made through
by visiting our website

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Help Saga celebrate Happy "NO" Father's Day" by donating
to our spay/neuter fund. Donations can be made through
by visiting our website
It only costs $100 for us to be able to spay/neuter each animal.
Can you help us Fix San Pedro?

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SAGA Humane Society Says ‘THANK YOU’!

SAGA Humane Society would like to give a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Mike & Danielle the owners of AJ’s & (Average Joes) & their staff for hosting our monthly Cook-off Fundraiser held on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. What a night!
First, we had the battle of the North and the South bars…Scott Harnish & his staff from Palapa Bar & Grill and Mike & Danielle and their staff of AJ’s…we have not seen anyone bring their own kitchen…but Scott and the boys did!
We had a great night…we had 15 entries and a great crowd!! We thank everyone who entered a dish. The battle of the bars was close…but First Place went to Scott Harnish and his crew from The Palapa Bar & Grill with their Bacon with Maple & Chocolate Sinfully Fried. WOW!! It was great! And the crowd overwhelming voted for them! They took home a Nano IPOD. Second Place went to Laura Sutton with her Artichoke & Shrimp Dip. She took home a Oyster 3-Cup Mini Chopper and Third Place went to Letti Hernandez and her Cheesy Stuffed Potato. She took home a Hamilton Beach Juicer with accessories. The other entries who were all outstanding, and the votes were close were: Chicken Nuggets w/Honey Mustard BBQ – Wade the Gringo; Spinach Dill & Garlic Dip w/Homemade Bread – Joanne Frei; Pesto Pizza - Renee Steinmetz; Penguin (Olive) – Nancy Scott; Tropical Roll-ups – LouAnn LeClair; Plaintain Ball w/Peanut Butter, Bacon, Cheese & Onions – Brenda; TNT Shrimp – Kendra from Orange Walk; Slow Smoked (not fried) Chicken Wings – Palapa Bar; Jodie’s Smoked Fish Spread – Palapa Bar; Sausage Dip –Palapa Bar; Salt-n-Pepper Wings – AJ’s; Deep Fried Pickles – AJ’s.
We would like to thank the sponsors of the Raffle Prizes: SAGA Gift Basket which included toys, a Free Spay & Neuter, a Calendar and a t-shirt courtesy of SAGA Humane Society; $50BZ Bar Tab courtesy of Wahoo’s Lounge; Bottle of Champagne courtesy of Premium Wines & Spirits and a Snorkel Trip for (2) courtesy of Ecologic Divers. We appreciate and thank you for your donation and of your support of SAGA.
A thank you to our wonderful volunteers: Bill & Debra Millstead, Bob & LouAnn LeClair, Michael & Renee Steinmetz, Grant Crimmins, Katia Marin, Lori Purdy, Ingrid Lima, Aurora Valezques, Janina Caneles, Carolina Gonzalez, Letti Hernandez, Nancy Rountree and to our young volunteer Alice. SAGA appreciates the time you give to volunteer for a worthy cause.
Thank you to everyone who came out! The hosts were wonderful, the crowd was great – it was an enjoyable night for all! We’ll see you next month!!
Cook Off- Bar Food Thanks (45 photos)
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Hi! My name is Bella! I'm a boy but was given a girls name! I'm 11 months old and I am ready to go home with you today. I love other dogs and cats and am very affectionate with all people. I was brought to Saga by my owner who wanted me to have a better home than he could give me. Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today!

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Cool Canines are Better than Hot Dogs

There aren't many things that everyone in San Pedro agrees about, but no one would argue with you when you say ‘It’s hot!’. It has been very warm the past couple of months and it looks like we may be in for a long and very hot summer. While we seek out the shade and drink ice cold drinks to cool us down, we need to remember that our furry friends feel the heat just like we do. The only difference is that they depend on us to provide them with shade and fresh, cool water.

Recently, a family in San Pedro suffered the tragic loss of their much loved dog. Why? Because they didn’t realise that dogs can suffer terribly in the heat. Their loyal pet followed them on a journey along San Pedro’s dusty roads one afternoon. He seemed enthusiastic to run and stayed with them as he often does on their journeys, running along beside them.

What this dog’s owners didn’t realise was that dogs often place their loyalty above their own health and welfare. They believed that if the dog became too hot or tired, he would rest or find a drink. Sadly, it was too late before they realised that their beloved dog had overheated and he died.

Remember that in the hot sun, your dog may be even more uncomfortable than you are. He’s wearing a fur coat, after all. It is best not to exercise your dog during the hottest hours of the day – between 11am and 3pm. If you have to take your dog out during this time, make sure that you give him breaks in the shade and have plenty of fresh drinking water available.

Dogs do not sweat like humans do, so they can become overheated very quickly. If your dog is panting, you know he’s hot. Make sure you provide shade for your dog during these hot ‘dog days’ of summer and have a plentiful supply of fresh water available to him at all times. Never leave him tied up in the sun.
Keep an eye out for the symptoms of heat stroke, which can include any of the following: heavy panting, dark red and dry gums, lying down and unwilling (or unable) to get up, collapse and/or loss of consciousness, thick saliva and dizziness or disorientation. If you think your dog has suffered from heat stroke, there are things you can do to help save your dog.

1. First, move your dog out of the heat and away from the sun right away.
2. Begin cooling your dog by placing cool, wet rags or washcloths on the body - especially the foot pads and around the head.
3. DO NOT use ice or very cold water! This can make the situation worse.
4. Offer your dog cool water, but do not force water into your dog's mouth.
5. Call or visit your vet right away - even if your dog seems better. Internal damage might not be obvious to the naked eye, so an exam is necessary

Have a cool canine – not a hot dog!

If you are worried about a dog that may be over heating or suffering from heat stroke, call SAGA on 226 3266 for further advice.

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Hi! My name is Chula. I'm here with my sister China but she wasn't in to having her picture taken today! We are 8 months old and have been at Saga for about six months now. We get along well with dogs and are very ready to go home with you today! Please come see us and all of our friends at the Saga Humane Society.

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SAGA Humane Society would like to give a big Thank You to Mojito Bar and Deona and her staff for hosting our monthly cook-off, ‘Appetizers’ on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. We had special guests for the night – a group of (14) professionals from World Vets who were here providing the community with a 3-day, free spay & neuter SAGA Humane Society would like to give a big Thank You to Mojito Bar and Deona and her staff for hosting our monthly cook-off, ‘Appetizers’ on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. We had special guests for the night – a group of (14) professionals from World Vets who were here providing the community with a 3-day, free spay & neuter clinic. Everyone was treated to fabulous entries by some of Ambergris Cayes best restaurants and home chefs.

Winners were: 1st place was won by The Hotel with their ‘Potato Skins’. There was a Tie for 2nd Place between our hosts Deona Pilgrim of Mojito Bar with their ‘Garnaches’ and Kate Corrigan of Crave Restaurant with their ‘Fish Cakes’. It was tough judging for all those attending.

We would also like to thank our other entries for their wonderful dishes:
Scotch Eggs – Mesa Café:
Vegetarian Mediterranean Quinoa – Cindy Ayala
Ham & Cheese Roll-ups – Gail Pencoff
Fish Pate – Joanne Frei
Crab Puffs – Nancy Scott
Asian Explosion: Honey Garlic Drumettes & Pork Stuffed Chicken Wings w/Gyoza Sauce – Sharon Metcalfe
Stuffed Wonton w/Sweet n Sour Sauce – Pineapples Restaurant
Chipotle Chicken Salad – Letti Hernandez
Cream Cheese Sandwich – Laura Sutton

Thank you to those who donated the Raffle Prizes and to the winners:
(2) Entrance Tickets to Marco Gonzalez Site
Courtesy of Paradise Villas & Mike Sides
Won by: Joanne Frei

(2) Lunch Box Specials
Courtesy of Island Dogs
Won by: Joanne Frei

Lunch for (2) at El Fogon
Won by: Gail Pencoff

Lunch for (2) at El Divino
Won by: Deona Pilgrim

Lunch or Dinner for (2) at Mojito Bar
Won by: Joanne Frei

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success:
Cindy Ayala
Janina Canales
Kate Corrigan
Grant Crimmins
Ken Fellure
Carolina Gonzalez
Katia Marin
Bill Milstead
Lori Purdy
Allen Soto
Alice, Faith, Stephanie & Zulema

We also would like to thank those who donated funds to sponsor our local cooks for the last two months: Stacey Chesnick, Corrine Doctor, Jean Hecht & Bruce Klotz and Bob & LouAnn LeClair,

SAGA Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their continued support!
Cook Off Appetizer March 14, 2012
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