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Cyber Security Network™
The “Cyber Security Network™” caters to a select global community of Telecom, Business, Enterprise IT, and related Internet Technology Professionals.
The “Cyber Security Network™” caters to a select global community of Telecom, Business, Enterprise IT, and related Internet Technology Professionals.
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As guests of Cyber Security Network™ & Network Monitoring & Incident Response™  Communities you are eligible to received a 10% Event Registration Discount upon registration.  

To claim your 10% Discount you need to register using this link:

Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Join Cyber Security Network™ & Network Monitoring & Incident Response™   at the TEX East this June 2014.  

Cyber Security Network™ & Network Monitoring & Incident Response™ are media partners of the TEX East for the second year in a row.

Meet the movers and the shakers of the Telecom Industry worldwide in the most prestigious event of the Communications Circuit. 

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How do I configure my Community's Public Marquee? 

Is there a way to add custom text to my public marquee.  It is not true that you must be invited.  While I am a private community, members without an invitation can request to join.

I thought that with this update G+ would have corrected this issue.

Is there a reason why we are not able to configure our Public Marquee? Why am I not able to describe what we are about?

I am a private community, however, I welcome all Enterprise IT and related Professionals conducting business in Cyber Space.

My Public Marquee is not very inviting.  It is not true that "You must be Invited to Join Us." 

Members can request to join us!

Am I the only private community with the inability to configure my Public Marquee?

Thank you for inviting the Cyber Security Network™ to join.  We will be more than happy to share Security principles and to learn more about your endeavors.

If you are an IT Professional and would like to join our Cyber Security Network™, please send Virginia Benedict, Managing Curator, an email from your company address.

Copy/Paste the following to the Subject field: 

REQUEST-to-JOIN Cyber Security Network™. 

1.  A short autobiographical sketch of your career path
2. The reason you would like to join us.
3. Do you Own and/or Manage any other groups/communities, If so which? Please provide the name and a link to the group. (This will not impact our final decision)

PLEASE NOTE: For your own Privacy and security and the security of your family: No images of children or images of couples, families, or Pets. This is a community for professionals.

Anonymous profiles or company logos will not be approved. 


Thank you,

~ Virginia Benedict
SIG Founding Owner
Professional Social Media Managing Curator (cir 1992)
Systems & Network Security/Computer Forensics (cir 2000)
Technologies Analyst (cir 1989)

Calling all Security Tech Bloggers and Writers!  Please contact me at your earliest.  I may have a great opportunity for you.

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Good Morning Everyone!  Thank you for joining the +Cyber Security Network™ .  All we ask of you is that you place us in a Technology related circle so that when you post Telecom, Information Security, Information Assurance, Cyber Laws, Regulations, and Compliance topics you include us.

Only post Cyber Security related topics, please!
#Telecom   #telecommunications   #InformationSecurity   #InformationAssurance   #CyberLaws   #Regulations   #Compliance  

Do not post vacation, and personal posts to this page for they will be deleted.

Thank  you kindly,

~ Virginia Benedict
Professional Social Media Managing Curator (cir 1992)
Market Engineering Strategist (cir 1984)
IT Systems & Network Security/Computer Forensics (cir 2000)
Technologies Analyst (cir 1989)

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The technological revolution of the 20th century, and this includes the mobile revolution has plateaued. Innovation has and continues to be hampered by destructive competitive practices and lack of vision.

In Stream of Thought: “From a Social Anthropology perspective, we have been quickly arriving at the plateau of the present Technological Revolution. Under developed regions enjoy the latest and greatest of these technologies, mostly mobile communication tools, because they had no infrastructure in place. We saw the very same trends with the adaptation of television back in the late 1970’s.

These tech tools however do continue to evolve at L6 and L7 driven mostly by end user demand with our all-embracing wide-ranging dependency on them both in our professional and our personal lives." wrote +Virginia Benedict , Techanalyst, 2008.

Using the metaphorical analogy of an ecosystem of water sheds hydrologic patterns, where rivers are tributaries to the sea, streams are to rivers, and lakes are the neutrals between underground, surface tributaries and atmospheric events; we can visualize the natural patterns of the early adopter end user’s influence on this evolution and how the dire need for monetization driven mostly by greed and lack of vision has hampered the free flow of innovation.

Continuing in this metaphorical analogy track, the brackish zones at the lower tributary, where oceans ebb and flow in a tug of forces into the main tributary channel can be seen as the point where the end user and technology developers influence each other but not without economic forces and interest groups determining outcome.

A positive vector, however, is the fact that English has become the lingua franca thus facilitating seamless communication amongst social ecosystems. An interesting behavioral control is the fact that users and end users demonstrate the need and intuitively strive to nurture a lingua franca.

While humans will never become unilingual per se as a global culture; it is language and our ability to communicate seamlessly that will take us into the path of true and diversified innovation.

History demonstrated communication through a lingua franca was singly responsible for driving the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century with French as its Lingua Franca and Vienna, Austria as its geocentric center.” observes +Virginia Benedict , Techanalyst.

“In Stream of Thought: …”© is a series of impromptu thought streams expressing +Virginia Benedict , Techanalyst’s observations on many social topics or in response to anthropomorphic events. AWWRR ©1967 Her streams of thoughts can be found on Linkedin, FB, and G+ among others.

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