On the day after the election, let us take a moment to remember some of the things that were once carved in stone:
1. The GOP was going to capture the Senate (Nope)
2. The Dems were going to capture the House (Nope)
3. No president gets re-elected with unemployment rate above 7.4% (Nope)
4. Abortion was not going to be a serious issue (Nope, just ask the failed GOP candidates in Mo. and Ind.)
5. T
here is no way election of 2012 would resemble that of 2008; the electorate would be more like 2004. (Nope)
6. Romney's appeal to whites was overwhelming so Obama needed to cut seriously into that support (Nope)
7. Paul Ryan will swing the Catholic, working-class vote back to the GOP. (Nope)
8. Dems' concern on Medicare will help capture the elderly vote (Nope).
9. The Dems victory depends on (insert your favorite group or other slicing and dicing of the electorate. Nope, it actiually depended on all of them.)
10. The GOP losses was the result of fraud, media bias in favor of Dems. (Nope)
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