It is sad to read the election postmortems, most of which focus on the changing nature of society and how the GOP has failed to keep up with the times. This line of arguments misses two points: the GOP has been a minority party for well more than a century; and demographics are a factor, but certainly not destiny.
Republicans win national power by being a regional party (though the region has chan
ged over the decades). Its minority status is what has keep it alive in the face of the Democrats' approach being the big tent party. The GOP has moved its ideology to accommodate the shift in the electoral winds, but it relishes its position as the party of an elite and of exclusion. It can no more change than can a leopard. And modern electoral techniques make it less likely to have to change.
As for demographics, it misses the point that all politics is about making choices. That the actions of some groups can be predicted and measured through polls still means that individuals within those groups have to make decisions and act.
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