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Doorway to Hades?
Our curator William Parkinson is on a highway to Hades (sort of). Listen in as he explains on WBEZ:

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Abode of the blessed
Elysian Brewing Co. Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout #WA #craftbeer  

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Great stuff
Yollo Calli art show in Pilsen. Art by Naco
View album

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We love Irv's Bike shop on 18th and Racine. Friendly, knowledgable, and cheap.
One thing I love about bicycle stores is they often double as community centers. Irv’s Bike Shop, a mom-and-pop store in Pilsen that marks its fortieth anniversary this month, is a great example. “We have a family vibe because it’s family and close friends that work here, and our customers see that,” says staffer Veronica Ortiz, whose brother-in-law Enrique “Henry” Ortiz owns the shop and husband Ricardo “Rick” Ortiz manages it. “And our shop is considered loyal to the neighborhood because we’ve been part of the community for so long.”

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Open Studios 
Artists and Musicians join creative forces:
Pilsen Soundtrack 2.0 @ Pilsen Open Studios Oct15-16.

Chicago,IL - October 6, 2011 –

Withdigital downloading of music becoming the norm, album cover art for records andcds has become less of a staple and more of a nostalgic memory.
But theproducers of Pilsen Soundtrack 2.0 are determined to fight back that trend. Theyhave included a twenty-page art booklet pairing seven of Chicago’s mostnoteworthy artists with seven outstanding musical acts. Both Artists and musicians have rootsin the vibrant and culturally wealthy Pilsen neighborhood.

“Artand music go together,” says PS 2.0 producer Jaime Rodriguez Garza. “We don’t feel we have tosurrender to economic trends or conditions. We want to present art in all itsdimensions. We have the talent andthere is no reason to take shortcuts.”

Coproducer Lupillo Ponce adds, “Music is mentally visual and visual art isrhythmic. Our cd and book prove that, just as the LPs from the 60’s and 70’sthat we loved so much did. I wouldbuy records based on the art alone.”

Thehighly anticipated second compilation album and art book PILSEN SOUNDTRACK 2.0is scheduled for release on October 15th 2011, as part of the 9th annual 18thSt. Pilsen Open Studios artwalk at Zona Libre Gallery / APO Community Arts andCultural Center at 1438 West 18th St. in Pilsen

Thissecond compilation CD features 7 Chicago musical acts ranging in genres fromhip hop, Puerto Rican bomba, spoken word, ska, reggae to classical music. Inaddition, the album also contains a 20-page art booklet insert, featuring 7different visual artists that live or work in Chicago’s Pilsen community.

Thealbum release will take place at the APO Community Arts and Cultural Center.The release party will also be this years Pilsen Open Studios officialafter-party

Rockotitlan Chicago presents:
Saturday, October 15th, 2011
Zona Libre Gallery/Stage at A.P.O.
1436 W. 18th St, Chicago IL 60608
Doors open at 8
Free entrance with album purchase, $15
Entrance without album purchase, $10

All artist featured in the Pilsen Soundtrack
will perform and visual art will be on display (and silentauctioned)

Click here for Facebook event page

Themission of the album is to support and promote independent artists across theChicago land area. In accord with Phillip Morris’ music lyric “It’s hard tostart a revolution if you sit around and do nothing”, the artists featured onthe album and art book have worked diligently to spread their visions ofcultural preservation and social justice through the creation of art.

Aboutthe artists:
HectorDuarte has dedicated himself to creating paintings and murals that provokeindividuals to reconsider their views and current policies on immigration.While many artists continue to follow the haughty white wall gallery format,Victor M. Montañez has challenges us to redefine art by painting interactive“touch friendly” pieces and inviting community members and patrons toparticipate in the creation of art by sharing artistic intent.

Besides Duarte and Montañez, the artbook features Robert Valadez, Diana Solis, Jose Luis Piña Morales, Frank Diazand Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves.

Themusical group Buya has devoted themselves to the preservation of thetraditional music of Puerto Rico, bomba. Each of the 14 artists/musician/bandincluded in the compilation contributes to their respective communities intheir own unique ways. Rockotitlan Chicago is proud to continue supportingindependent artists and their many initiatives.

MusicalArtists on the Pilsen Soundtrack are: Maria Luz Carballo (blues), PhillipMorris (hip hop), Buya (bomba), Malafacha (ska/reggae), Ivan Resendiz(classical guitar), Ruben H. Amaro (rock) and Cafe con Milk (spoken word).

Includedin the art book/Cd are foreword by Catalina Maria Johnson PhD and StephanieMarriquez, also features bios by artist/editor Benjamín Anaya. The PilsenSountrack series is an independent initiative by Rockotitlan Chicago,Producciones Azules and independent artists.
The sevenartworks featured in the PS2.0 will be on display at the Zona LibreGallery. As if that alone is notenough, an additional thirteen musical acts and thirteen additional outstandingvisual artists will join forces for an unprecedented creative weekend of artand music that will blow minds and capture hearts.

Clickhere for updates and more info.

ThisOctober, a collection of over 50 artists’ studios, alternative spaces,galleries, and cafes from around the Pilsen neighborhood will gather once againto host one of the city’s largest independently-produced open studios.

The 9thannual 18th Street Pilsen Open Studios will take place October 15-16, 2011, asone of the premier events of the citywide Chicago Artists Month. Extending fromWestern Ave. to Halsted (16th St. to 24th St.), the event will largely featurethe work of artists residing in the Pilsen area, as well as other local,national, and international artists invited to exhibit at select galleries.Last year, over 4,000 people descended onto Pilsen to enjoy a celebration ofart, culture and community. This year, over 80 artists will be showcasing theirwork in more than 40 studios, alternative spaces, and cafes.

As thecultural heart of Chicago’s Mexican community, Pilsen is home to a formidablemural movement, a national arts center, and a community of residents andartists fiercely proud of where they live. This energy fueled the creation of18th Street Pilsen Open Studios, which unlike other events, is focused onshowcasing independent artists’ studios. Montserrat Alsina, artist and owner ofColibri Studio/Gallery in Pilsen, has served as Director of the event the lastfour years, which is continually produced entirely by the local artiststhemselves. Colibri (2032 W. 18th St.) will serve as the central hub, offeringmaps, information, and will also be the boarding and departing point forspecial buses dropping off visitors to the different sites.
Formore info

ZONALIBRE: Music Stage & Gallery (1438 W. 18th St. #21 on Map)
As partof the Pilsen Open Studios, Zona Libre will host the cd release party andwill feature an aditional 12 reknown artists. Sculpture, photography, painting,body art, mixed media and installation work will be exhibiting on one of thebiggest studios in the 50+ artwalk this year. Artsists include Charlie deLeonardis, Chrystal L. McGrew, Tommy Reyes, Chaun PridGeon, Doug Britt-Reyes,Lara Kaage, Fausto Lopez, Rene R. Montañez, Victor M. Montañez, QuintanaStudio, Alma Dominguez and Jackie Orozco. Plus, live musical performances willbe playing throught both days.
Clickhere for updates and more info.

RockotitlanChicago is an independent cultural and artistic production and promotionorganization working in Chicago & surrounding suburbs producing concerts,art shows and community events since 2000. Rockotitlan prides itself inpresenting multi-cultural events with local and international music and art.

For interviews, mp3's and high res photos please contactJaime Garza at
More info:

# # # #

Jaime Garza T. 773.982.4600

Diablero Design / Rockotitlan Chicago
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Mole Stout. So far everyone who's had this raves about it.

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ART to check out as you sip a #craftbeer
Lab Art (7 photos)
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