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Helping business professionals get noticed and stand out
Helping business professionals get noticed and stand out
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Hi. I’m Carl Friesen founder of Thought Leadership Resources. In this video, I’d like to tell you about why we do what we do, and how we do it.
And I think that the ‘why’ is important, so here’s our ‘why’. It goes back to 2009, when I was pushed out of a corporate job. I decided that my next career move was to build something I couldn’t be pushed out of – a consulting business of my own.
I knew I needed to learn, and fast, how to reach out to potential clients and persuade them that I could help them. So I learned how to market myself through video, podcasts, an effective website, social media and other tools.
Along the way, I met many other business professionals who have excellent services and solutions to offer. Many of them are thought-leaders in their field, and they can help solve some of the most pressing problems facing our planet. As an example, one of them is a wildlife biologist I’ll call Gordon.
He specializes in helping wildlife to cross highways safely. He designs underpasses for wildlife as well as overpasses. He’s leading-edge in how he uses vegetation to guide animals to these safe crossing places. And in this way, Gordon helps protect both motorists and the animals.
What I’ve found is that subject-matter experts like Gordon often have trouble connecting with the people who need what they have to offer. This means that we’re all missing out on what these experts can do. It also means that they have trouble earning an income worthy of their skills.
So, at Thought Leadership Resources we’re all about giving experts like Gordon the tools and skills they need to market themselves. If they can stand out as thought-leaders, they can get the attention of potential clients, and show the extra value they offer.
If you’re like Gordon in that you have expertise and knowledge, but may have trouble getting noticed and earning what you’re worth, we can help. And we do this three different ways.
The first way is through the free resources available on our website -- which is filled with practical, helpful content helping business professionals build their profile. On the website, you can sign up for our free weekly newsletter, “Your Expertise Edge,” that contains ideas that are practical and accessible.
Second, there are the more comprehensive paid resources available on the site, including links where you can learn about my two most recent books.
Third, there are the live presentations and workshops we offer, for people who learn best through interacting in a group, with other business professionals.
So, please visit our website and see what you can learn about succeeding as an independent business professional. And enroll in our newsletter, Your Expertise Edge, so you don’t miss out on any of the new tools and techniques you can learn about at Thought Leadership Resources.

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Hello, my name is Marjorie Friesen.
I’m the founder and owner of “Improve Your Workplace English”.
My business is focused on – and my passion is --- helping internationally-trained professionals to improve their business English language skills and their understanding of Canadian workplace culture.
Many internationally-trained professionals are working, but because they lack certain language or soft skills like communications, or a knowledge of workplace culture, they are not able to advance in their careers.
Many of the internationally-trained professionals I’ve met are working in jobs where their skills are underutilized.
That’s where I can help. I have a business background, an M.B.A., and ten years’ experience teaching ESL, LINC and Enhanced Language Training (ELT).
I’m a native English speaker, I’m Teaching-English-as-a-Second-Language (TESL) Ontario certified and have a knowledge of business terminology from 15 years’ experience in several organizations.
I’ve worked with internationally-trained professionals in a number of fields, including engineering and IT , and have helped them improve their English language and communications skills, including pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary and writing.
I work one-on-one with individuals or small groups on Skype at times that work for both of us to help with practical issues they’re facing.
You may be aware – or maybe your supervisor or a co-worker has told you - that you need help with your business English or workplace skills; for example, teamwork – working collaboratively with others , giving presentations to clients and colleagues that are clearly understood, writing reports or starting and maintaining conversations with people inside or outside your company.
If you need help to build your confidence in your spoken or written communications skills to pursue a promotion or a new job opportunity, or whatever you need to advance in your company and career, please have a look at my website. There are resources and articles on issues you may be facing. My contact information is there, so please get in touch with me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you.

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"Have you done this kind of work before?" is likely one of a prospective client's biggest questions when they're considering hiring you for a project. And the best way to answer is by showing your experience, through a case study. But not just any case study -- an effective case study. My thoughts on that:

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The benefits from your public speaking don't have to end when the speech ends. Here are three ways you can get more leverage from your time on the podium.

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Many economic changes are pushing skilled professionals out of their paid jobs and into the ranks of the self-employed. It can be scary (it's what happened to me), and it can be great.Some thoughts on how you can take advantage of the new possibilities:

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How creating an "avatar" or "persona" -- a detailed description of your ideal type of client -- can help you make sure the content you develop meets your market's needs. Some thoughts on that --

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What's the best way to reach lucrative, narrowly defined B2B markets? Trade magazines are still one of the best ways to reach influential people.

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Four ways to reach any B2B client, through news media they already rely on and trust:

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About the search terms you include in your content: are they designed to attract the kinds of searches you want? Maybe not.
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