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Just in case you want to control the playback on your monitor  with your phone and don't want to install a remote desktop client :-)
How to turn your Linux machine into a Chromecast Server
Stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. from your smartphone or tablet onto your server or laptop.  ...without buying Chromecast hardware...

Prerequisite- Install Google Chrome on your Desktop.  Install Chromecast application onto your portable device.

Copy and paste these commands:

1) sudo apt-get install git python-setuptools
2) git clone
3) cd ./leapcast
4) python develop
5) leapcast --name MyNameHere --chrome /usr/bin/google-chrome --fullscreen

Run the Chromecast application on your phone or tablet.  Make sure your devices are on the same WIFI channel.   Your phone will discover your device named MyNameHere.  

Now, when you run Netflix, YouTube, etc. your video streams to your computer and its sound system- when you click on the new little square Chromecast icon in your window.  You'll figure it out.

Does it work?  Yes.  Have fun!

+TuneIn What do you say about "iHeartRadio" gaining chromecast support before you? You guys used to be ahead of the curve, so I dropped iHeartRadio and switched to tunein. Looks like that was a bad mistake. iHeartRadio's app has been improving by leaps, while yours has basically stayed the same. :-(

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Sportscenter, as seen by Michael Bay...

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Pretty nifty auto awesome, this one...
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