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Future fiction posterity writer

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First 2014 Freeze Foliage Survivors
For a Joyous Thanksgiving 

#fallfoliage2014   #autumnleaves2014 #freezefoliagesurvivors
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News Bits
Irresponsible internet device owners  welcome live streaming of their homes and businesses.
  "The site has managed to access the cameras because they are still set at their default passwords – details of which can be found online."
4,591 feeds from the U.S., 2,058 from France and 584 from the U.K. as well as 563 from Hong Kong and 182 from China."

Creative. Scammers will be scammers.


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'Golden Blood' Factory
"a fascinating and miraculous space"­
Photo credit: Greg White


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Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
Less than 5 seconds with full preview look

h/t +Search Engine Land 

Wondering if your site will qualify for Google's new mobile-friendly labels or be ready for a potential mobile-friendly ranking boost? Google has a new tool to help.

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News Bits

Land, sea, air, space, cyberspace.
Whatever works.

What am I missing?
Why are history of violence, prescription drug users, run-in with leadership persons in the military? Or did these conditions arise during service time?
 Of 40,000+ in study: 36 suicides in high-risk group - 32 suicides in the remaining group. A big difference here?
IMHO, all returning veterans of  wars should be assessed for Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms with non-military qualified persons.

Congratulations Larry Page

Fortune's 2014 Businessperson of the Year

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Beautiful music for Philae's success
Rosetta's Waltz by Vangelis

h/t +Aftab khAn 

#ESA #philae #rosetta 'swaltz #vangelis   #cometlanding  
Philae has landed on comet 67P! Today we have made space history! Celebrate our successful #CometLanding  with music created by world-renowned musician, Vangelis. 

#Rosetta   #Philae   #Vangelis  

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To the Grinch Who Stole Autumn
Brace for gift-less holidays!


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Owl Pets Dog
Dog wary of losing more hair to sharp-beaked friend

#owlpetsdog #strangeanimalfriends #humor

h/t +AllNatural.Me 

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Autumn Leaves
The Evergreen, the Changed, the Fallen

#autumnphotos #fallphotos #photosofleaves
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