So Im doing some write ups for my FAE powered Wyrd World. One of my buddies that is wanting to play wanted to play a Sasquatch. So I tried to make a FAE version of the Toolkit Race section. 

Comments welcomed.
Race: Sasquatch

Aspects (choose at least 1 but no more than 2): 

Strength of the primal ancients
Wise beyond their looks
Quieter than the winds
Freakish Size
Disquieting Presence
Unerring Hunter

The Sasquatch come in two distinct "flavors" which give them a +1 bonus to a particular approach

The Wihtiko receive a +1 to either Forceful or Quick

The Tsaaloh receive a +1 to either Careful or Sneaky

Note that unless Freakish Size is selected as an Aspect the Sasquatch is within the normal range of human heights. 
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