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Aberystwyth University Lecture Room Refurbishments Completed summer 2015  This post s overdue as the project was finished in Sept 2015. There were 6 rooms to be refurbished 3 in Physical Sciences and 3 in Edward Llwyd. Once again the careful choice of colou...

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Observations on the use of group study pods
I was recently staying at Westminster University's Marylebone Hall which
houses The Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment which houses a
very nice open plan learning space. It was spacious, with loads of natural
light, busy with some quiet spots, an...

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Refurbishemnt starts on lecture theatres
Here are some pictures of the rooms we have strated to refurbish at Aberystwyth Univerity. Expected finish date early September. Completed pictures posted in September.  

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Power provision at seats in lecture theatres
I have designed 6 lecture theatres I am refurbishing this summer  with one twin power outlet with USB between each pair of seats. This is in response to the growth of mobile devices now being used by students and the positive response I had to similar provi...

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Project for Summer 2015
This summer I will be refurbishing 6 lecture theatres. They are currently all traditional raked spaces with capacities ranging from 176 to 49. 5 will stay the same configuration as timetabling require the capacity. One of the spaces will change from 49 trad...

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Latest Wordle
This is the latest Wordle of my blog. I thought an update was due.  

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Writing Surfaces in Lecture Theatres. A Contentious Matter.
First off I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to writing surfaces. I am opposed to writing surfaces that do not meet their primary objective i.e. that  ALL the audience can see what has been written. The topic of writing surfaces and their usefuln...

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The Think Tank \ Melin Drafod video walkthrough
A video walk through of the newly refurbished Think Tank \ Melin Drafod at
Aberystwyth University @AberUni The most gratifying observation about this project is that it is being used just as envisaged and the Synergy desks are being ...

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A video walk through of the newly refurbished Think Tank \ Melin Drafod at Aberystwyth Univeristy

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Confirmation of beliefs by 3rd year students
Today I visited one of the rooms I recently refurbished with the Turn and Learn design I mention earlier in the blog. The class was full of 3rd year physics students who knew the room pre-refurb. I asked for feedback and was told that the important things f...
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