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Stats emerge that show Google+ could have over 100m users already, posing a huge threat to competing social networks. +Thomas Morffew explains in a bit more detail....

Google+ reached 20 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

According to Compete and Google+ seems to show the fastest growth among the giants with 20 Million Unique Monthly Visitors and if we compare the next stats, we can take a guess at Google+'s User numbers. (via +Denis Labelle)

Google+ - 20 Million Monthly Unique Visitors - 100+ million users (estimation)
LinkedIn - 24 Million Monthly Unique Visitors - 135 million users (confirmed)
Twitter - 40.4 Million Monthly Unique Visitors - 300+ million users (confirmed)
Facebook - 171.5 Million Monthly Unique Visitors - 800 millon users (confirmed)

As of 3rd of November 2011, LinkedIn reports more than 135 million registered users and has 24 million monthly uniques according to the above data, so all things being equal, we can then estimate that with 20 million monthly unique visitors, Google+ has about 100 million users already or it's very close to this data. There are people like +Max Huijgen who believe Google+ has already 150 million users (

+Paul Allen told us that Google+ Growth is accelerating and it's adding 625,000 new users per day. He also predicts that Google+ will have 400 million users by end of 2012 (, but until Google gives us the official numbers, we can only make estimations.

via by +Thomas Morffew.

Infographic inspired by +Leon Håland's (made when +Paul Allen announced Google+ to have 50 million users

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