As you all know, Intermoutain Healthcare aims to provide the community with various health and illness prevention information. If you've been following us for a while, we'd like to know: What types of healthy posts would you like to see more of? 
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Stories of unique things Intermountain does to 'break the mold' of common poor healthcare practices across the nation.  The PBS "Money and Medicine" video was great, along with the examples in it.  What is Intermountain doing with all of the changes in clinical informatics?  What is Intermountain doing to improve clinical practice compared to the mediocre baseline results the nation has established for itself?  

In short, brag about yourself a bit with interesting stories more often.  I like the stories of the interesting things Intermountain is working on.  Ask questions related to relevant but sometimes debatable topics.  We all know we're supposed to wash our hands and eat carrots.  And keep on going with that stuff too.  Reminders are good.  But inject more "wow" stories in there to keep your readers engaged.

Overall, I think you do a pretty good job with good content you post.  Unfortunately as you've noticed, you just don't have the same following in the Google+ community as you probably do on the more ubiquitous Facebook.

Lastly, feel free to respond/interact with people.  
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