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Kiran Chandramohanan
UC Berkeley School of Information MIMS Student '13
UC Berkeley School of Information MIMS Student '13
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We just surpassed 50,000 names and over 400 circles shared on the Google+ Shared Circles Database. Thanks to everyone who has either publicly shared a circle or added circles to the list.

Please continue using the database to find great, engaging new users to follow. Or if someone has shared a circle with you that needs to be documented, feel free to add it to the database.

Google+ Shared Circles Database:

Current Categories
#Animals #ArtDesign #Authors #Aviation #Business #Celebrity #Comedy #Companies #Education #Entertainment #FashionStyle #FoodBeverage #Games #Geeks #General #Geography #Hobbies #Music #News #Occupation #Philosophy #Photography #Politics #RealEstate #Religion #Science #SocialMedia #Social #Sports #Tech #Web #Women #YouTube

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61 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow

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G+ Photography Celebrities (10000+ followers)
Thomas Hawk

Trey Ratcliff

Inspiring Landscape Photographers

+Colby Brown

+Eric Leslie

Gary Crabbe

Giuseppe Basile

+Jim Goldstein

Patrick Smith

Patrick Di Fruscia

Ron Niebrugge

QT Luong

Sathish Jothikumar

Saurabh Deoras

TSOPhotography by Terje Sørgjerd

Inspiring Seascape Photographers

Joe Azure

+Kieran O'Connor Photography

Inspiring Wildlife Photographers

+Carl Stovell

Rob Daugherty

Kyle Marquardt

William Burrard-Lucas

Inspiring Street Photographers

Dave Beckerman

Dariusz Majgier

Felipe Apostol

Gary Austin

Greg Schmigel

Michiel de Lange Photography

Mihailo Radičević

Star Rush

Trond Lindholm

Thomas Leuthard

Inspiring Portrait Photographers

Alan Shapiro

Jan H. Andersen


Paul R. Giunta

Victor Bezrukov

Inspiring Wedding Photographers

Neal Urban

Scott Jarvie

Inspiring Food Photographers

Nicole S. Young

Inspiring Architecture Photographers

Klaus Herrmann

Inspiring Urban Landscapes Photographers

+Vivienne Gucwa

Inspiring Fashion Photographers

Frank Doorhof

Inspiring Photographers

Alfie Goodrich

Beau Kahler

Brian Matiash

Cassius Wright

Chris Collacott

Chris Marquardt

Damien Franco

Dave Cox

Dan Carr

G Dan Mitchell

+Lotus Carroll

Mike Shaw Photography

Rick Sammon

Terry Nelson

Websites Founders

Evgeny Tchebotarev - co-founder and creative director of 500px

Dave Powell - founder of

Don MacAskill - the co-founder and CEO of SmugMug

Lisa Bettany - Camera+ co-founder


Corinne Perkins - the visuals editor for


1) My goal is to create the list of inspiring and interesting photographers.

2) I can't use the +mention for all photographers because G+ has a limit to the number of people you can tag in a post. This is why there are the old-fashioned links in the list.

3) I'm sure I've missed some interesting names, and I'm eager to hear your recommendations. Please don't recommend users who just created their G+ profile, but they have no posts published here, yet.

4) The Google plus photography community is very dynamic, so I'm going to update the lists daily. Do you want to be notified about the updates? Add me +Jarek Klimek to your circles.

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Intellectuals in Goggle+ (Non-tech)

+PZ Myers PZ Myers- Scientist, Blogger

+Sean Carroll Sean Carroll- Physicist, Blogger

+Ben Goldacre Ben Goldacre- science writer, doctor and psychiatrist.

+Robert Wright Robert Wright - Science writer, jounalist

+Philip Plait Philip Plait - American astronomer and skeptic

+Lawrence Lessig Lawrence Lessig- American academic and political activist

+Ezra Klein Ezra Klein- Blogger and columnist for The Washington Post

+Brad DeLong J. Bradford DeLong- Economist, Blogger

+Matthew Ygelsias Matthew Yglesias- Political blogger (

Please feel free to comment if you know interesting profiles..

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