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The headline on Arpin Van Lines states "Moving can be a stressful experience." They sure are correct especially when they neglect you as a customer, don't respond to your issues and leave your furniture in a warehouse with the response that there is nothing they can do and they don't know when they can deliver it to my friend +Patricia Hader. Read her story and help me share it This way everyone will find out just what kind of business people are behind Arpin Van Lines.
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Thank you, Bryan for helping with the awareness.
Time for Public Shaming..disgusting.  Get off your asses fix the problem.  You #$!@$%$# up now fix the problem.
Oh my God that is awful. Do you have any positive recommendations, then? I will most likely be moving at the end of July and could use a company that is not completely incompetent and apathetic. Hell, I may just enlist some friends. It would probably be a lot cheaper. 
John, after putting up all that fuss I was finally contacted by the COO of the Arpin Group, however I'm still waiting for my household (hasn't left CT yet).  Not sure whom to recommend at this point for a cross-country move.
Well let me know how they do, I will be very interested to see if they start stepping it up. Sorry to hear about your experience thusfar, though I hope it changes for the better soon!
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