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If you are in ecommerce, you'll want to try these tests!
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Really liked the technique of breaking down the product pages into sections like that.

But the real problem on my clients sites is finding a cost effective way of implementing those tests on the production product pages, as opposed to static content-managed landing pages where it's easier to add code. So we do far too little testing on these critical pages.
This is why I am a big fan of Monetate. They make it easy to run these tests for the enterprise client. I'll actually be putting out a buyer's guide next week to testing & targeting tools for the enterprise.
That's extremely interesting, Bryan. Thank you. Looking forward to it.
Good to be reminded of the main areas on a product page that need testing and additionally elements like 'Order by 00.00 for next day delivery' or 'Free delivery on order over £££s' etc both of which with today's ever frantic lifestyles help smooth the decision making process.

Also, interested to see you mention InboundWriter as an aid in the copywriting of product descriptions. Have not used it for that purpose yet but have tested the WP plugin on a few blog posts.

The first asking whether Google+ is catching facebook is on page 1 of Google (8 of 299m results) and the most recent about what site bounce rates are, is no 4 of 22.6m having been posted just on 10 February when not signed in to google acc.

Whether it is the influence of InboundWriter, or simply my brilliant ;-) copywriting skills is open to question, the results, however, from a search perspective, are quite impressive.

The only limitation is that it doesn't report a score until 200 words have been written. Not a concern when writing a blog post but could result in some lengthy product descriptions!

That figure may just relate to the plugin and not the online product. I am about to find out pretty soon, though, as it is open in my browser right now for its first 'outing'!
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