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I don't normally blog about my personal life, but several people have asked me to elaborate further on what is going on with the harassment by my new landlords. I have begun a blog in the hopes that others who find themselves in this situation can learn from what I learn. I'll be updating it as changes occur. You can read about the nightmare my wife, 3 little kids and I are going through at If you know anyone who can help us, please let me know.
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+Bryan Eisenberg I would hire a lawyer ASAP and get out ASAP. Not worth it to put your family in danger over this. It looks like you have this well documented so you should be able to win a court case that includes $$$ and damages for pain and suffering.
Sorry man, bad enough to live in the 11235, now this :( I hope you get the issues resolved straight away.
+Bryan Eisenberg I understand but you can and should get the ball rolling now. You have this very well documented and the lawyer can get started with everything you have compiled. In the mean time I would find another place ASAP because they are not going to back down IMHO.
Bryan, I just read your story and as a mom I feel your pain. Even though you may never see a cent, if it is at all possible, move. It sucks because on top of the hassle, money and everything, it'll feel like they "won." I think the only hope you have is if someone in a legal capacity has the power and sees the political benefit in taking up your plight. Political pressure may be the way to go. Reach out to the right people on all these platforms that you have such superb command of! (Any of you press folks listening?) Then, the story can be how blogging took him down :) This guy probably has less power than you think if the police officers that came out sided with you.
+Olga Mizrahi Thanks for understanding. I would move but I am afraid they will then claim we broke the lease and that could be damaging in trying to lease again.
+Bryan Eisenberg indeed, a predicament. You have quite a reach here. Maybe your story can get some traction. I'll do my best in helping that way, it can't be helpless! What is the path of least resistance for him? Can you get him (or how about the lady that signed you originally) to sign something that gets you out of the lease (even if you painfully don't end up getting a dollar)?
+Bryan Eisenberg that is strange, so something else in this crazy arrangement must be working for him. Do you feel like he just wants you to leave, keep your $ (and maybe is now getting use to your rental income as well) and now has a vendetta on top of it?
+Olga Mizrahi Hey Olga I have already shared this post. I'm glad to hear there are others like us who are willing to help Bryan. that is the real story here.

With all of that said he has done an excellent job documenting all of this. NYC is a tenant friendly city thus I think he has a strong case. If I were him I would leave ASAP, break the lease and get the heck out of dodge.

He will not be penalized for breaking the lease with all the evidence that he has IMHO.

This has NYPD corruption written all over it. He could probably to to the NYT with all the evidence he has and make this really ugly for NYPD and his current landloard.

I know it's difficult for Bryan to see b/c he is emotionally involved but this seems pretty cut and dry to me. I am not a lawyer but would love to hear what a few NYC lawyers have to say about this. I am sure there are some here on G+ somewhere.
+James Fierce I agree that if blogging could shame Mr. Malhi into treating Bryan right (and get someone in power's attn too!), that would be the real story. I think that is quite the angle. Are you hearing us +The New York Times ? :)
I am not sure what his issue is. It makes no sense to me. In the mean time he has several thousands of dollars of mine that I need in order to move. I know tenants who have extorted landlords in NY in order to get them to move. All I want is my original deposit and last month back and quality of living to return to normal until I can move us out. Is that unreasonable?
Here is a link to a PDF from the Attorney General's office: - Page 28 on Harassment is notable
"Landlords found guilty of harassment are subject to fines of up to $5,000 for each violation. Under certain circumstances, harassment of a rent regulated tenant may constitute a class E felony. Penal Law § 241.05. Further, New York City tenants have additional recourse against harassment. Tenants may bring a claim in housing court and the court may issue restraining orders against owners if violations have been found. NYC Admin Code § 27-2115"
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