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We all have that hobby we love, and we all love to be part of a community that loves the same things we do.

I have found that a history of cross stitching when I was younger, has made me into a lover of all things cross stitching and embroidery today!

In learning to love the hobby and craft of cross stitching, I've found that one of the best things is seeing someone try it for the first time, and seeing the proud look on their face when they complete a project.

So to make it easier for those first time stitchers, I've written a post on the things you absolutely need to begin cross stitching, and made it easy to understand for those brand new to the community!

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There's nothing more satisfying than starting a new hobby, and completing that first project.
Now, what if you could complete a project, and create custom projects for friends and families?

Well that's exactly what cross stitch is! Cross stitch allows for endless opportunity into a simple craft that can be enjoyable for all ages.

In my latest blog post, I cover the basics of cross stitch that anyone who is interested in the hobby will need to know, in a simple to read, DIY style post.

I encourage you to take a look and consider joining a 'bigger than you think' community of cross stitchers all over the world!

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6-9-14 Two things I have transpired since I last posted: George is missing. I found Julia’s collar. I woke up around 6am this morning. I can usually smell coffee brewing when I wake up,signifying that George is awake. This morning however, I didn’t smell co...

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9-9-14 The first clear memory I have of my current situation is from about six months ago. I awoke in a strange room, in a strange bed feeling like utter crap. I was covered in scratches and bruises and my head was bandaged. There was a gentle knock at my d...
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