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The following brands have approved use of  their copyrighted images within StoveSPY:

Aga, Carron, DG Fires, Ekol, Esse, Firebelly, Franco Belge, Hunter, Morso, Parkray, Salamander, Saltfire, Trianco, Vesta.

Where we have not yet managed to obtain permission (some brands awaiting launch to vet app) we use line drawings whilst we continue negotiations.
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Adrian Stovespy

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List of brands and stoves in StoveSPY app at launch
(more added monthly)

Brand Model_name
Aarrow Ecoburn 5 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 9 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset Flexifuel
Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 Inset Flexifuel
Aarrow Acorn View 4
Aarrow Acorn View 5
Aarrow Signature 5
Aarrow i400s Inset
Aarrow i400cb (chair brick) Inset
Aarrow i400 Inset
Aarrow i400t Inset
Aarrow i500 Inset
Aarrow i600 Inset
Aarrow i750 Inset
Aga Little Wenlock Classic
Aga Stretton Inset
Aga Stretton Inset
Aga Berrington
Aga Much Wenlock Classic
Aga Little Wenlock
Aga Shawbury
Aga Lawley
Aga Westbury
Aga Hanwood
Aga Hadley
Aga Dorrington
Aga Ludlow
Aga Ludlow
Aga Little Wenlock Classic
Broseley Serrano 7
Broseley Serrano 5
Broseley Serrano 3
Broseley Evolution 5
Broseley Serrano 7 High
Broseley Serrano 5 High
Hillandale by Broseley Monroe 5
Hillandale by Broseley Monroe 7
Hillandale by Broseley Monterrey 5
Hillandale by Broseley Monterrey 7
Hillandale by Broseley Monterrey 5 Pedestal
Hillandale by Broseley Monterrey 7 Pedestal
Hillandale by Broseley Silverdale 5
Hillandale by Broseley Silverdale 7
Carron 5
Carron 7
Carron 11
Charnwood C4 Wood
Charnwood C5 Wood
Charnwood C6 Wood
Charnwood C7 Wood
Charnwood C8 Wood
Charnwood C4 MF
Charnwood C5 MF
Charnwood C6 MF
Charnwood C7 MF
Charnwood C8 MF
Charnwood Country 4 Wood
Charnwood Country 4 MF
Charnwood Country 6 MF
Charnwood Country 8 MF
Charnwood Country 12 MF
Charnwood Country 6 Wood
Charnwood Country 8 Wood
Charnwood Country 12 Wood
Charnwood Cove 1
Charnwood Cove 1 SE
Charnwood Cove 2
Charnwood Cove 2 SE
Charnwood Cove 3
Charnwood Island 1
Charnwood Island 2
Charnwood Island 3
Charnwood Island 1 SE
Charnwood Island 2 SE
Charnwood Island 3 SE
Clearview Pioneer 400 2" legs
Clearview Pioneer 400 P
Clearview Solution 400
Clearview Vision inset
Clearview Pioneer Oven
Clearview Vision 500
Clearview Solution 500
Clearview 650
Clearview 750
Cubic Cubic 5 Convector
Cubic Cubic 5
DG Ivar
DG Ivar High
DG Kalle
DG Vidar Triple
Dovre 250 CBW WOOD
Dovre 250 MFR MF
Dovre 225 CBS WOOD
Dovre 225 MF
Dovre 425 CBW WOOD
Dovre 425 MFR MF
Dovre 500 CBW WOOD
Dovre 500 MFR MF
Dovre 700 CBW WOOD
Dovre 700 MFF MF
Dovre Astroline 3CB Wood pedestal
Dovre Astroline 3CB Wood log store
Dovre Astroline 3 Multifuel log store
Dovre Astroline 3 Multifuel log pedestal
Dovre Astroline 4CB Wood log store
Dovre Astroline 4CB Wood pedestal
Dovre Astroline 4 Multifuel log store
Dovre Astroline 4 Multifuel pedestal
Dovre 2520 Multifuel inset
Dovre 2520 Wood Inset
Ekol Crystal 8
Ekol Crystal 12
Ekol Crystal 5
Ekol Clarity 5
Ekol Clarity 8
Ekol Clarity 12
Ekol Clarity Double Sided
Ekol Clarity 5 High
Ekol Clarity 8 High
Ekol Clarity 12 High
Ekol Clarity High Double Sided
Ekol Inset Clarity 5 Enamel
Ekol Inset Clarity 8 Enamel
Ekol Clarity 5 Inset
Ekol Clarity 8 Inset
Esse 100 Multifuel Single Door
Esse 100 Multifuel Double Door
Esse 100 Multifuel Single Door
Esse 100 Multifuel Double Door
Esse 125 Multifuel
Esse 125 Multifuel
Esse 125 Podium Multifuel
Esse 125 Podium Multifuel
Esse 200 XK
Esse 200 XK Double door
Esse 200 XK Contemporary
Esse 200 XK Podium
Esse 500 C
Esse 525
Esse 525 T
Esse 700
Esse 301 Inset
Esse 350 Inset
Esse 525
Firebelly FB Wood
Firebelly FB T1 Wood
Firebelly FB1 Wood
Firebelly FB1 Double sided Wood
Firebelly FB2 Wood
Firebelly FB2 Double sided Wood
Firebelly FB3 Wood
Firebelly FB 3 Double sided Wood
Firebelly FB1 MF
Firebelly FB1 Double sided MF
Firebelly FB2 MF
Firebelly FB2 Double sided MF
Firebelly FB3 MF
Firebelly FB 3 Double sided MF
Franco Belge Belfort
Franco Belge Montfort Elegance
Franco Belge Montfort Classic
Franco Belge Monaco
Franco Belge Savoy Elegance
Franco Belge Savoy Classic
Franco Belge Monte Carlo
Hamlet Hardy 4
Hamlet Hardy 5
Hamlet Solution 5 SE
Hamlet Solution 7
Hamlet Solution 9
Hamlet Solution 11
Hamlet Solution 5 inset
Hamlet Solution 7 inset
Hunter Hawk 3 WOOD
Hunter Hawk 3 MF
Hunter Hawk 4 WOOD
Hunter Hawk 4 MF
Hunter Herald 4 WOOD
Hunter Herald 4 MF
Hunter Herald 5 Slimline WOOD
Hunter Herald 5 Slimline MF
Hunter Herald 6 WOOD
Hunter Herald 6 MF
Hunter Herald 8 Slimline WOOD
Hunter Herald 8 Slimline MF
Hunter Inglenook High Output
Hunter Inglenook Low Output
Hunter Herald 14 WOOD
Hunter Herald 14 MF
Hunter Herald 6 WOOD Double (single depth)
Hunter Herald 6 MF Double (single depth)
Hunter Herald 8 WOOD Double (single depth)
Hunter Herald 8 MF Double (single depth)
Hunter Herald 14 WOOD Double (single depth)
Hunter Herald 14 MF Double (single depth)
Cleanburn Ideal Eco 1
Cleanburn Ideal Eco 2
Cleanburn Ideal Eco 4
Cleanburn Ideal Eco 6
Cleanburn Sondeskoven Traditional
Cleanburn Sondeskoven European
Cleanburn Sondeskoven Pedestal
Cleanburn Sondeskoven Inset 5 WOOD
Cleanburn Sondeskoven Inset 8 WOOD
Cleanburn Lovenholm Traditional
Cleanburn Lovenholm European
Cleanburn Lovenholm Pedestal
Cleanburn Norreskoven Traditional
Cleanburn Norreskoven European
Cleanburn Norreskoven Pedestal
Cleanburn Skagen Traditional
Cleanburn Kestrel 5
Cleanburn Telford 5 inset
Cleanburn Telford 7 inset
Cleanburn Compact 5
Jotul F3 MF
Jotul F3 WOOD
Jotul F400 WOOD
Jotul F100 MF
Jotul F100 WOOD
Mendip Beltane 5
Mendip Beltane 8
Mendip Mendip 5
Mendip Mendip 5 Pedestal
Mendip Mendip 8
Mendip Mendip 8 Pedestal
Mendip Burcott Inset
Mendip SQABOX unO
Mendip SQABOX duO
Mendip Somerton 2
Mendip Somerton 2 pedestal
Mendip Loxton 3
Mendip Loxton 5
Mendip Loxton 6
Mendip Loxton 6 pedestal
Mendip Loxton 8
Mendip Loxton 8 pedestal
Mendip Loxton 10
Mendip Loxton 10 pedestal
Mendip Churchill 5
Mendip Churchill 6
Mendip Churchill 6 pedestal
Mendip Churchill 8
Mendip Churchill 8 pedestal
Mendip Churchill 10
Mendip Churchill 10 pedestal
Morso Squirrel CH (squirrel or ribbed)
Morso Badger 3112
Morso 04
Morso 06
Morso 08
Morso Badger 3142 Pedestal Convector
Morso Squirrel 1442 Pedestal Convector
Morso Morso 1416 (Modern Squirrel)
Pevex Bohemia X40 Cube
Salamander Hobbit
Salamander Hobbit
Saltfire ST1
Saltfire ST2
Stovax Stockton 5
Stovax Stockton 5
Stovax Stockton 3
Stovax Stockton 3
Stovax Stockton 6
Stovax Stockton 6
Trianco Newton 5
Trianco Newton 8
Trianco Newton 5 Pedestal
Trianco Newton 8 Pedestal
Vesta V4 MF
Vesta V4 WOOD
Vesta V4 double sided MF
Vesta V4 double sided WOOD
Vesta V6 MF
Vesta V6 WOOD
Vesta V6 double sided MF
Vesta V6 double sided WOOD
Vesta V8 MF
Vesta V8 WOOD
Vesta V8 double sided MF
Vesta V8 double sided WOOD
Vesta V12 MF
Vesta V12 WOOD
Vesta V12 double sided MF
Vesta V12 double sided WOOD
Villager Chelsea Duo
Villager Chelsea Solo
Villager Puffin MF
Villager Bayswater
Villager Esprit 5 Solo MF
Villager Esprit 7 Solo MF
Villager Esprit 8 Solo MF
Villager Esprit 10 Solo MF
Villager Flatmate WOOD
Yeoman CL3
Yeoman CL5
Yeoman CL5 Midline
Yeoman CL5 Highline
Yeoman CL8
Yeoman CL7 inset
Yeoman Exmoor
Yeoman Exe
Yeoman Exe Double
Yeoman Devon
Yeoman Devon Double
Yeoman County Double

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Adrian Stovespy

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(likely cost at launch £6.99 month, £48 year although pricing models yet to be set)

We would like to give up to 100 people this app for free. To qualify you will be a stovefitter, chimney sweep, stove retailer or "within the trade".

9 July 2014: 36 FREE CODES LEFT

So what do we desire in return? 

FOR FREE ACCESS FOR ONE YEAR: Provide us with a few insights into your favourite stoves and brands. Nothing too strenuous:

1. List your 5 favourite freestanding stoves (from different brands) in the 4-6 KW range (any order).
2. List your five favourite freestanding stoves (from different brands) that are 7KW or larger (any order).
3. List your favourite five brands of stoves (any order).

Just email this information to with a few details about your business (see foot of this article) and we will be in touch by return email.

FREE ACCESS FOR THE LIFE OF THE APP: As well as the above we require three very short stove reviews for three of your favourite stoves chosen from those within our database at launch (you can find the list on this Google+ page). When we say short we mean three to seven sentences. Here is an example:

Mendip 8
"Cracking 8kw stove. I have the red enamel version and it looks great in our TV room. Good, solid construction and stainless steel fittings from Sheffield apparently. Dog loves it." Fred Johnson. Hetas Engineer no. 12564 Johnson's Heating Services. Aberdeen AB13 3AB.

A suitable review such as this would be added to the informational page within the app, with your name and business name as the author.

You must have an Apple Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or Android device to take advantage of this opportunity. You will be notified of the app's launch in August 2014 and how to obtain your free download.

If you are interested please email and we will despatch an email by return.

Identification information required in email:

First name:
Tel no:
Business name:
Web address (if have):
Retailer or Engineer?:
Hetas registered ID (if registered):
Apple or Android device?:

Any questions email
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Adrian Stovespy

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So what is StoveSPY and why might it be of use to a Hetas engineer?

StoveSPY "find your perfect stove", is a searchable database of over 300 solid fuel stoves from over 30 of the leading brands (Aarrow, Aga, Charnwood, Dovre, Jotul, Morso, Stovax being just a few examples).

No more will stove buyers have to spend hours searching the web for their ideal stove. For Hetas engineers or retail outlets just few moments with the app and you can provide a refined list of stoves for your customer to choose from.

Each stove within the StoveSPY app has over 40 informational fields:

Model, Image, Rating, Brand, Double_sided?, Freestanding_inset_wall_ceiling, SmokeControlKit, Log_store_or_pedestal_possible, Log_store_or_pedestal_built_in, Log_store_or_pedestal_detail, RRP, Suggested price, External_air_vent, Fitting_instructions, Website, Centre_of_flue_to_back_of_stove, Kilowatts_approx, Kilowatts_nominal, Kilowatts_max, Multifuel_or_wood, Defra_possible, Defra_approved_as_standard, Defra_approved_but_needs_kit, Minimum_chimney_liner_inches, Stove_body_material, Traditional_contemporary_tubeshape, Hearth_can_be_12_mm, Flue_collar_size, Width, Required_recess_width, Required_recess_height, Height, Depth, Side_air_gap_requirements, Top_air_gap_requirements, Safe_recess_height, Rear_air_gap_requirements, Rear_45_degree_adaptor?, Country_of_manufacture, Flue_options, Weight_kg, Enamel_colours, How_many_colours_available, Max_log_length_cm, Additional_information, Efficiency_percentage

You can search through the 300+ stoves using over 20 different search criteria e.g. "I have a budget of £800 and require a freestanding, traditional looking 5kw stove, wood only, that will fit a recess 72cm wide and 92cm high. The stove will be fitted in a smoke control area. Oh, cast iron please.

In this exact scenario the app will show you 2 stoves. Include steel and you will see 5 stoves. Switch to multifuel and it's 19 stoves in your list... and so on. Note that the app will automatically take into account the manufacturer's recommended clearances (air gaps) to non-combustibles.

Each stove and its details have been researched and added by a registered Hetas engineer (that's over 12,000 pieces of information for the first 300 stoves in the app). More stoves will be added each month.
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A note to manufacturers...

Want to make contact with StoveSPY? Email
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Website launches late July 2014
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Adrian Stovespy

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App created by
Cobalt Techno Limited
Software development and database design services for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web.

All enquiries to:
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Adrian Stovespy

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Advertising and StoveSPY

StoveSPY does not sell stoves and there are no plans to add any advertising or ecommerce facility to the site. We show RRP prices and "guide prices" (an average of advertised Internet and store prices) for information only. Brands will have their web addresses listed. The idea is to keep the app completely independent.

Those in the trade who are kind enough to review stoves for us will be recognised with a simple display of "name of business and telephone number".

Will this business model change in the future. Only if the app fails to sell or if a competitor were to bring out a free version.
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Adrian Stovespy

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We are excited to announce that in just a few weeks the StoveSPY app will launch on Ipad, Iphone, Ipod and Google Android devices and be available for purchase by stove buyers or trade (stove retailers/Hetas engineers).

Price at launch £6.99 for one month access, £48 year (provisional pricing).
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