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An interesting article by BusinessNewsDaily - The 10 Non-Tech Skills Employers Are Looking for Most!

Most of the traits are relatively obvious ones, but it is good to make sure you're portraying the right qualities to your potential employees during interviews and in your online presence. 

1. Hard workers
2. Dependable
3. Positive
4. Self-motivated
5. Team-oriented
6. Organized, and able to manage multiple priorities
7. Good under pressure
8. Effective communicators
9. Flexible
10. Confident

Employers also say that merely adding these qualities to your resume won't convince them - you need to support it with concrete evidence that shows you portraying said qualities. 

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5 fundamentals every web designer needs to understand! We summarised an article by Web Designer Depot that we found had some great tips to remember.

1) Follow the rules…mostly - Use the design principles you learnt but you can still use your creative license.

2) Use imagery and icons to communicate when possible - Take advantage of 'visual shortcuts' or icons that most people are familiar with.

3) Colour as a design element, not as decoration - Make sure the colours of you website are relevant and blend well with the main images and brand. 

4) Choose fonts that support content - Even though there are thousands of fonts to choose from, always limit yourself to around 3.

5) Help from others - It's always good to receive constructive criticism from likeminded people in the business.

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Fix These 5 Email Marketing You're Probably Making - A summary of an insightful Mashable article.

1. The most important things are done at the last second - Email campaigns are just as important as other media in regard to marketing your brand.

2. Inertia as the mobile tide surges - We need to realise that a big majority of people are viewing emails on their phones, so the emails MUST be responsive!

3. Having a generalist creative team design and code your email - Just because someone is a great designer, that doesn't mean that they can necessarily craft a great email template - it is more specific than you realise. 

4. Operating in a vacuum - Share your email campaign metrics with other people outside of your own team, to compare results and find out what does and doesn't work.

5. Not understanding how e-mail works

We've finally managed to get our G+ page up and running! Now to make a point of using it. ;)
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