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Maggy Whitehouse
Stand-up comedian, independent Catholic priest, author, Bible Historian.
Stand-up comedian, independent Catholic priest, author, Bible Historian.

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For the Love of Dog © Maggy Whitehouse 2016. Chapter One. I am 39 years old and I am out of nice. I have done nice all of my life. I have been an angel. I
have looked on the bright side. I have compromised and helped. I have done
pathetic. I have done the t...

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My new online course for healing resistance and achieving goals - includes appropriate nagging! :-)

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The Best Christmas Market...Yet.
The angel of the market watches over the stalls - and may have pole-axed Santa by the look of it. When I lived in Birmingham, I used to go to
the German Christmas Market in Victoria Square; it was an interesting sparkle
of an experience but there really nev...

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Buckland Abbey
I took my elderly Mum to visit Buckland Abbey in Devon as she's the best kind of Travel Blog Advisor you can possibly have. At 88 she's what they would call 'sprightly' but there are some things she can't do and if someone not catering for that that means s...

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Doing Wet.
Today, for the first time in the six years that we have had her, Biggle refused to go for a walk. She got as far as the front gate and, eyes, half-closed against the slashing rain, looked down the river that was our lane and then ran back to the house. I co...

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Downtown Sedona
'The Spirit of the West' Downtown Sedona. "It's ruined; nothing but a tourist trap," said some people. "It's fabulous," said others. Downtown Sedona is simultaneously neither and both. Oddly enough, there is even one shop where you could buy groceries, vege...

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'Fear not,' said the Angel...
It was a beautiful night with a New Moon in South Tawton. And the world was about to change forever… An angel stood outside the magnificent 15th century granite and thatch, Church House, which has been at the heart of the South Tawton community for more tha...

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"About as Much Use as a Chocolate Teapot" — Exeter Christmas Market no. 2
So realistic! Being a chocoholic, I've never quite understood that phrase. It might not do as a teapot but it's still chocolate and that's always useful. Of course, it's the time of year for chocolate Santas, snowmen and reindeer — although the latter look ...

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Exeter Christmas Market (1)
Exeter Cathedral behind the market. I only went into Exeter to get a late Advent calendar and some Christmas cards from the cathedral. Shopping per se wasn't on my mind but hanging out in St. Peter's is one of my favourite pastimes and any excuse will do. I...
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