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Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh a MP Tiger Safari Venture
Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh a MP Tiger Safari Venture

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Tiger Conservation: Tiger Corridors in Muddle
Though a lot has been done for the survival of the tiger, it is still not enough. The growing population of tigers in some protected areas is throwing new challenges to the wildlife managers. The population of this big cat is nowhere out of the brink of ext...

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Leopard Surprise
Pete & Kay Sutton UK  Guests Courtyard House Kanha National Park India  It was in the previous evening round that we heard clamorous alarm cries at the cross road that leads to Sarhi Zone on left and Kanha Zone to the right.  We had waited for a long time b...

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Wildlife Photos India
I have here a collection of photos of wild animals and birds. These are images belonging to my friends and acquaintances. The intention is to display hard work that goes into the imagery and yes the cost involved. Striped Hyena - Ghanshyam Langur Monkey - D...

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Swamp Deer Conservation at Kanha National Park
It was probably my first visit to Kanha National Park, the year was 1976. We swayed left and right on the pachyderm as it waded through dense canopy towards the grasslands. We could see the pen a mesh of wires covering a large area of Kanha Meadow. The pen ...

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Man Eating Tigers
Yesterday I was watching a film on Sunderbans and the man eaters. The mystery has not yet been solved why this magnificent carnivore goes after humans only in these parts. The victims are usually fishermen, villagers, honey gatherers and such people who ven...

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Amazing Wildlife of Pench - Dharmagiri
As an experienced naturalist he earlier worked in Nepal but since a long time he is looking after Jungle Home Pench at Turia near Pench Tiger Reserve. I met some years back on my visit to the reserve and was...well his images will complete the sentence.  Dh...

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Tiger - A Poem
Black stripes on fur white orange & yellow The mighty tiger is a gentle fellow When all white he is a spectacle A rare gene that is a miracle Lives in the mysterious jungles of India Completely hidden amid unexplored recess Where the dense canopy accords no...

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Tiger Safari: Rumble in The Jungle
Guests Mary & Andrew UK Enthusiasm is the key to enjoy nature in confines of dense forests.  "We have come to enjoy all and make our holiday a big success," Mary said. "Its just not tiger, we wish to go back with happy memories," she continued.        The e...

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Tiger Safari Part II - 2015
On first of October the park safari reopened after the monsoon period. This year the safari opened fifteen days earlier. The reschedule took place upon insistence of the hoteliers. Some changes in the entry permits were to be brought in but that has not hap...

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Wildlife Conservation - Why Tourism?
To many this form of tourism seems more of a tamasha then a appreciable recreation. No doubt people come here for a holiday and fun. And the prospect of seeing the tiger excites one and all. Even seasoned naturalists like us revel in each and every sighting...
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