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I can buy a million different varieties of inexpensive tablet cases, but will will someone please make me one that has a strong magnet that I can stick to the fridget (family message board)

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Nate and his friend enjoying the pumpkin patch
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(I'm adding a few of y'all here)

Does anyone know if you can reorder friends in the game. Default order is your friend's level, but some of those folks don't sell much, so I'd like to be able move my most active friends to the left. 

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These coconut pancakes are excellent!

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A frustrating task lately: creating photo images of an exact size. 

My wife asks me can you please make a 2-3/8 x 3-3/8 portrait orientation print of this image. Maybe that image is originally landscape or not. You can't just tell Snapfish/Walgreens to print your typical 4x6 image in a specific size (why not? shouldn't be to difficult to build into their cropping tools.)

Here's how I've done it using the free GIMP tool (I don't have the need to purchase Photoshop).

I'd love to hear how other people do this. 

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I really like this one. Citra hoppy!

I have an unlocked GalaxyNote2 from ATT and use it on T-mobile. Love the phone! But I an unable to use mobile hotspot or wifi calling features on the t-mobile network supposedly because it's an ATT phone. Anyone have a workaround?

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Very interesting. 
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