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Vote: if you could have one of these two tech tomorrow, which one would u want?

Sergei brins Synthetic meat


Elon's Hyperloop

I have my own opinion :)

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Parkour Dog and 19 Funniest Animal GIF Animations at:
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So the House wants to keep snooping.  So now that it's out in the open, I'd like to know,  why was it kept secret in the first place?  If Snowden hadn't sacrificed his livelihood, we would have never have known about #PRISM .  What else is the Government doing in the name of 'national security'?

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”
Albert Einstein

Do we need more #Snowden s?

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Oh ya baby.  So ready!

notes with icloud is painful. rarely syncs in a reasonable amount of time(ie within a minute). i enter a note into my phone and then takes forever until i see it on 

what happened?popovich(hypothetical): "turnovers. fourth quarter manu". 

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"I'm not a bum, I'm a human being."
If I were teaching in the US, I'd make my entire class of students spend a weekend on the street panhandling to learn about humility.

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hi there. can someone smart and great tell me how to do a stupid thing? i have always wondered how to press "send" or "return" on the iphone emoji keyboard. How can I do this? In order to send, I usually have to switch back to an english keyboard. Can anyone help?

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