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[CORRECTION: I originally attributed this effort to NASA, which was incorrect. For the real story, see: <>.]

The Apollo Archive Project (not affiliated with NASA) makes every frame of every roll of film shot during the Apollo missions available. Wonderful!

It is said that one of the secrets of being considered a good photographer is never showing anyone your bad shots. But for purposes of history, and giving people a new opportunity to get a sense of being there, every single photo is potentially interesting.

(And if we could get 16-bit per channel scans at the film's grain density, stored in a suitable lossless format, some of the bad shots might be a few minutes of work away from being new classics.)

My Owl Cam' now has live video. It even has video from 12 hours ago, so you can see what was going on while you slept. The videos appear as thumbnails on the main page, <>, and clicking on them will show you the video full-size.

If any of the videos stop responding, just re-load the page.

One issue: I'm using the ancient Motion-JPEG system for the video, because it is so simple that no plugin is required to view it ... in all browsers except, I am told, Internet Explorer. Go figure.

My owl cam, <>, is now sorta live this year. It's been a difficult year for me, so there are only daily galleries at the moment. Not sure whether I'll get more of the site spun up at this point, but the galleries may be better than nothing.

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The owl cam’ now includes a video stream from 12 hours earlier, to double the chances of seeing something interesting, let people see what they missed while sleeping, etc.

Third egg hatching now.

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At 12:38 AM CDT this morning, I heard the first "peeping" sounds coming from an egg in the nest box, so I expect the first owlet to debut within twenty four hours.

The live video feed seems to be working well, so the period of interesting viewing is about to start.
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