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What is the real value of student evaluation of instructors? What can we do to improve the evaluation process to get more actionable feedback? What other measures of teaching effectiveness should we be using? What can individual instructors do to improve evaluations? - A look at these issues on the excellent Learning Scientists blog

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NEW DIGEST: 5 Evidence-based Resources for Teaching Spelling

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What Would Having a Woman as President Mean to Children?

From the Learning Scientists: This post is timely given the current Presidential election, but issues of gender bias are a reality in more situations than this one. Here, our guest post author describes research on biases that are likely affecting Hillary during this election. In publishing this post, we hope to draw attention to these issues. No matter who you support, it is important to stay informed about the issues on the ballot and vote!

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Here's what people in my field do: we take basic principles of the mind such as memory, attention, and perception, and then we build learning and teaching strategies based on what we know about these processes. We believe that any teacher who's interested in helping students learn can benefit from understanding the cognitive processes involved in learning.

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Weekly Digest #33: Teaching Kids about Safety
Just in time for Halloween, we've put together a set of resources about keeping kids safe. The first resource discusses Behavior Skills Training (or BST for short), which is a technique for learning new skills that has shown to be effective at teaching kids how to avoid / handle dangerous situations. The remaining four resources are safety tips from groups like the National Crime Prevention Council, Riley Children's Health, a hospital affiliated with Indiana University Medicine; Kid Power, a nonprofit that works to create cultures of caring, respect, and safety for everyone; and finally TeenSafe, targeted towards older kids.

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Here are some evidence-based resources on teaching kids how to be safe - just in time for Halloween!

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Weekly Digest #32: Evidence-based Learning Strategies for Learning Disabilities
"This week we were asked on Twitter about learning strategies for teens with learning disabilities. Similarly to when we were asked about procrastination a few weeks ago, this was not within our areas of expertise, so we decided to do some research and..."
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