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Teaching the World to Tap Dance
Teaching the World to Tap Dance


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8-12-2014 UPDATE:

The free versions of intermediate tap dance lessons 1-8 are here (no combinations for each step and only half the extended combination at the end):

Dictionary & Practice Exercises: I'm still working on this...there is light at the end of the tunnel but I'm beyond trying to predict when this will be available. Levels 1-4 are completely done and ready. I'm tweaking levels 5-7 right now.

Intermediate Lessons 9-12: Lessons 9 & 10 have been filmed but not edited. I hope to film lessons 11 & 12 in the next 2 weeks.

General: I'm getting slammed (in a good way) with custom choreography requests. This is slowing down both dictionary and lesson production.
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Intermediate Tap Dance Lessons 1-4 are now available directly through my website (Vimeo is included but it's not the only format/channel)!  If you purchased Any of the Vimeo lessons and would like them in alternate formats just email me (
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Intermediate tap dance lesson #4 is live:
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Intermediate tap lesson 3 now available:

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1. The Vimeo roll-out is behind schedule. Vimeo does not allow you to use the same video in more than one product so I have to upload a new version for each product (Beginner Lesson 1 is in Beginner Lessons 1-4, Beginner Lessons 1-12, Small Bundle, and Large Bundle - so that's 4 separate uploads just for that lesson - multiply that by 12 lessons and it gets crazy!). Vimeo also has a limit on how much you can upload in a week. So the rollout is still happening but I honestly don't know when it will be finished - maybe mid-February. All the routines and workout videos are done, and some of the beginner and advanced beginner lessons as well. No bundles yet though.

2. The new dictionary/syllabus and practice exercises are still a work in progress. I had no idea what I was getting into. I'm still editing and exporting and making a list of any steps that need to be refilmed. Also all the practice exercises need to be written out. I'm starting to think it's going to be March before this is ready.

As always your patience and support is much appreciated. And now back to work...
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12-15-2013 WEEKLY UPDATE:

1.  A huge thank you to all our wonderful customers and supporters - United Taps is doing well and growing:)

2.  Over the next month we'll be rolling out important changes to most of our products:

     A.  When you purchase our content, we'll be including a coupon for a free copy of that content through Vimeo Video on Demand.  

Why, you ask?  Vimeo (in the form of an app or a channel) is on almost every platform there is - iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple TV, XBox, Roku, and more.  By having a free copy through Vimeo you'll be able to easily access your content in even more places.  In some cases (iOS app) you'll be able to download the content directly to your device, and your ability to stream your content (via Vimeo) will no longer be limited to 60 days (though we can't guarantee unlimited streaming forever just yet).  Eventually we'll have our own app but for now this as close to that experience as we can get.  

A few of our routines already have this functionality built in (Sweet Feet, Just Tappin', Acapella, Djemborita Beginner) and more are on their way.

     B.  Downloads & Streaming (and Vimeo) will be included with all DVD purchases.  This is long overdue and will be rolling out concurrently with the new Vimeo option.

     C.  Formatted emails!  Sounds so small, but it is also long overdue.  There is so much information to convey in our download emails that it can be difficult to sort through them and find what you are looking for.  Our new formatting will make it a little easier to visually sort the information and find what you need.  This is rolling out concurrently with the Vimeo option.

My hope is that these new features will be available on all our products by Jan 1st, with the exception of the dictionary/syllabus and possibly our music.  The new dictionary/syllabus will have over 300 steps and there just isn't any easy way to sort through that many videos quickly and easily via a Vimeo app or channel.  Having our own custom app is the only solution for that.  

3.  I am still filming steps for the new dictionary and practice videos but I'm getting close to wrapping that up (15 steps to go).  After that there is still much to do before I can release it to the public (editing, uploading, new product pages, etc.).  I'm afraid it may be February before it's publicly available.

4.  As for the intermediate lessons - I'm planning on purchasing royalty free music to use for these lessons.  It will shorten the production cycle by 3 months and hopefully provide music with more variety and polish.  I won't begin work on these though until the new dictionary/syllabus is done.

Thank you all again for your support and helpful responses to my occasional questions.  Have a great new year!
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We are happy to support the "They Dance For Rain" project: - Check it out!
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WEEKLY UPDATE: 12-3-2013

As I mentioned in my last update, my current Android app has been discontinued. But for those of you that have it on your device, the current update will allow you to get 3 of my routines for free: Sweet Feet (beginner), Just Tappin' (intermediate), and Acapella (advanced). This is my way of saying thank you for supporting me by downloading my app.

The new dictionary is coming along slowly. I am down to the final and most difficult steps and because of this I get fewer steps accomplished in each filming session. I am coming into the home stretch in terms of filming but there is a lot of editing to do.

I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

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WEEKLY UPDATE:  11-23-2013

I have removed my app Tap Dance Lessons & More from the Google Play store.  This sounds bad, but is actually a good thing.  Before I explain more about why let me say that if you downloaded the app you can still use it.  It will not be deleted from your device and if you should accidentally delete it you should be able to recover it by going to "my apps" in the Google Play app on your device.  I also want to let you know I am working on a way to give everyone who has the app on their device a little something extra as a thank you for downloading it and supporting United Taps - stay tuned for more details on that.  

So what happened?  As I have mentioned before I am remaking the app with the ability to purchase and download material inside the app.  In addition to that I will be releasing the new version under a different name.  As it stands right now 241 people have my app on their device (out of about 500 who downloaded it).  I really didn't want any more people to get invested in the current app and then have to switch them over to the new app.  

Why not just revise the current app?  The structural changes are too deep and there is also a branding issue.  

When will the new app be ready?  I don't know.  1-2 months is my best guess.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my original app and who spread the word.  I am hopeful you will enjoy using the new app once it's ready.  
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Do I still need to offer videos in SD format?

I've been doing some "soul searching" in regards to how I am going to distribute my videos in the future and I'm seriously considering dropping the SD option (for downloads, DVDs will remain untouched).  I'm trying to think if there is even a device on the market today (or sold in the last 3 or 4 years) that can't play a 1280 by 720 file?  I don't think they exist.  

I'm thinking the only reason to offer an SD version is for people putting my videos on a device with limited storage like a 16GB iPad.  But I may just reduce the file size of my HD videos to compensate for that.  

Any thoughts????
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