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Testing UV lamps On nightmare before christmas Figures.
OK, very short,, I got some UV LED lamps at Rakuten,and Holy-Moly, I love playing with these. These will obviously enough make my work with UV  much easier, I have already planned to make several models showing UV effects on my previous work.  Just tested t...

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Tokyo Disney sea Journey to the center of the earth Artwork
A while back I did a couple of Very long Pieces inspired by the Tokyo Disney sea Attraction "Journey To the Center of the earth" I was not part of the original design team on this attraction. But
since its my favourite ride of all time, and Im currently bu...

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New york shopping, The evolution store, Marvelously Macabre curiosities.
The Evolution Store     So I actually just wanted to drop some pictures from The evolution store I Soho on Manhattan here. I have been shopping here a lot lately, first of all to improve my specimen collection In Japan, (Sending this stuff is A headache I t...

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Tokyo Disney Sea Model, Journey to the center of the earth, preview
It took me ages to just get close to a completion of this model. I never think I would be 100% satisfies, because I want to expand it in every direction as possible. It might be a year since i drew the blueprint for the model and started to build the wooden...

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Deagostini My disneyland Japanese scale model Diorama. マイディズニーランド
Tilføj billedtekst All right I wanted to this model kit coverage for a long time, but I felt I needed to get enough parts before it would be the slightest interesting. In 2007 The company Deagostini made a 100 issue magazine for the Japanese market containi...
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