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David Greenwood (Seaward)
Escaped mainstream living now committed to living a champagne lifestyle on a brown ale income - things that matter are my people my boat, my freedom, my guitar
Escaped mainstream living now committed to living a champagne lifestyle on a brown ale income - things that matter are my people my boat, my freedom, my guitar


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The Last Post
There is a saying in Yorkshire ,
the region where I come from, which translates as: ‘If you have nothing to say
– say nothing’. Readers of this blog will be aware that it has been a while
since my last posting – the reason? Well, I had nothing to say. The b...

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Boat Renovation: The Best Bits
You would think that the best bit about renovating an old
boat would be launching and sailing her after all that hard work. So did I. In
fact I was so eager to use the boat that last summer that I sailed her even
though the cabin was still pretty much a slu...

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Small Boat Heroes (and Heroines)
There are sailing and boating heroes, people we all know,
whose names are spoken only in hushed reverential terms – Chay Blithe, Joshua
Slocum, Francis Chichester. But then there are others, less famous perhaps, but
equally deserving of the title. One such ...

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Boat Renovation: Yes But Is It Art?
Bright and sunny winter days. Normally, this time of year we
can expect frost and freezing fog but here in Brittany the winter has been uncharacteristically benign. This year so far, so far, the Atlantic depressions have tracked north bringing storms and fl...

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Sea Toilet on a Small Boat
I’ve removed the old sea toilet from the boat and as a
result two more holes in the hull have been glassed in. Now there is only one
through-hull fitting, the sink drainer – I don’t like holes in boat hulls but I
guess I can live with that. At the moment I’...

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Boat Renovation: Alternative Strategies
I’m in my third year of restoring this old boat. It’s taken
so long that I’m now in maintenance mode – that’s to say, I have to devote
increasing amounts of time to maintaining the renovation work I have done. Time
spent re-varnishing, re-polishing or paint...

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Outboard in a Well
One of my early decisions on renovating this old Westerly
Nomad was to use an outboard as auxiliary power. Not an outboard hung off the
transom however; I find them ugly and inefficient. Ugly because they look like
an afterthought and inefficient because, i...

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Boat Cabin Comforts
I had a friend, a seadog if ever there was one. He used to
buy his boats as bare hulls and fit them out himself to suit his particular
requirements. The start of any new project involved him sitting in the bare
hull with a packet of cigarettes, a six pack o...

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Reasons to Renovate an Old Boat
I was contacted the other day by a guy in Wales who is about
to embark on the restoration of an old Westerly Nomad like mine. His mail
suggested that he knew what he was doing and why he was doing it. It also
suggested that he had given a great deal of thou...
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