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Sometimes, the greatest strength is the strength of conviction.
Sometimes, the greatest strength is the strength of conviction.

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I hope everyone readin this stream decides to take some action. In our favor or not, it's concern for the American Public, and our Culture at large. So. Googlers. Google #fuckyouwashington, or go to Twitter trend maps, and search #fuckyouwashington Overnight sensation. Going viral is for kids and pets videos. ;) this is going global. :) Hey. My description of the Hashtag# got used in an article, the very next day less than 12 hours later. I am really impressed and pleased. #fuckyouwashington
+Vic Gundotra Sorry for calling you out on the use of the slang term retard, I thought it was wildly inappropriate. How is Dylan being handled? I havn't seen news of it, but I see his retweets constantly. What's the deal?

Considering preschool for my son through public schools. I am hesitant to make the step because I disagree with the public school system, most notably the employees at the schools in my town. Admirably, we have K through College within 5 miles of my house; less desirably, we have small-minded, under-compensated, underwhelming academics force-feeding (mostly) apathetic students the same nonsense that can make or break their ability to see the inside of an institution. I do so loathe our public school atmosphere. By the way, my state just saw a $114 million dollar education cut. How is that justifiable? How can I tell my son to stick through it, and muscle down that nonsense course load? Who am I to say - see it to the end - when I got kicked out of 4 schools, held back 1.5 years, attended "alternate schools" full of pimps, whores, drug dealers, gang members, and other societal refuse, SIMPLY BECAUSE I had blue hair, or big pants, or a smug demeanor, or a way of speaking, or a distrust of "authority" who abuses it flagrantly, or wrote Disturbed lyrics in my notebooks. I got kicked out of my middle school for flipping the middle finger to a girl who stole jewelry off of my neck and had already harangued me for a skin condition I have. The principal jumped on that idea, and kicked me out. Such is the general story of my education. I wasn't looked at as potential after 4th grade, I was looked at as a problem.... I could have done very well with different influences. Was it all my fault? Yea. Was I 14 and moved two times after a divorce that destroyed my family, and already at an age where rebellion was first nature? Yea. Do I now mistrust the industrial sense of education that is to be expected of my country? YES. Decisions, decisions. I would rather sit online at the Khan Academy with my son and raise his interests in a more cohesive manner.

The plan had to change with respect to fiscal practicality. Of course, it did. It still felt disheartening to later tell my mother that this was "Not the decade of dreams and dreamers outside of the computer engineering field of study. Things must be sustainable, and lucrative." I am still pursuing a business model with some gusto, but having changed so drastically from my initial aim, I think it would benefit me more tangibly to simply continue my schooling. I was taking 6 weeks away from curriculum (unintentional, but coincidental) to focus on this start-up. I know what I want, and what I could do given the public interest. I also know that my town is expressly not interested in art, youth, recycling, human connection, modernization, or even broadening perspective. I don't see much in the way of bright shiny future plans for this town, but I will be active to my aspiration. The degree will help, but the idea would have soared; just without making overhead. Motivation got me far enough to be disconcerted when the idea was evaluated as monetarily short-sighted.
Kind of feel like I threw a firecracker into a water barrel and told everyone I know to "Look! Something big is going to happen." Feeling down never stopped me though. Time for a reallocation of efforts and further success.

"One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one's greatest efforts." Albert Einstein quote to Walter Daellenbach, May 31, 1915.
I'm a comin' Google.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day. It's the same life for me, but it's a new dawn, and a new day. Birds in the sky, they know how I feel..

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You know what to do!

A good laugh :)

Made it to my Facebook....... So should it come here. Maybe first next time. Heard of PLUR? the rave acronym? I have too. peace love unity respect.
Modernization via Team Elias -
Presence, Logic, Ubiquitousness, Resolution.
Yea. Mini-piphony

Much like the sun, except I don't have billions of years until I run out of fuel. I have.. maybe one hundred. Gotta get this warmth and light out to the public. I can even help grow flowers.. more as a middleman position, but the fact remains. I want to change things.
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