What a wonderful testimonial!
An evening with the ladies...

Yesterday UPS delivered my hardcover copy of the new book compiled by +Beth Akerman, "How We See It...our view of our worlds". Since the wife is in Nicaragua on one of her vet trips, I was able to get comfy and spend the evening with 33 different ladies... all of whom showed me beautiful images. Some where ladies like +Lee Daniels, +Athena Carey, +Julia Anna Gospodarou and +Robin Griggs Wood whose work I greatly admire. Others were new to me like +Mim Eisenberg and +Ann DeCamp whose work delighted my eyes. I congratulate all of the photographers who participated in this fine work... Ladies it is most excellent.

If you can, you should use the link below and get your copy. Its available in several forms and all of the profits go to charity. The PDF version is only $5.99 and will do more for your eyes than that Starbucks will do for your nerves... oh, and it will also last longer!
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