Again a few random notes about VR and Oculus Rift...

OculusWorldDemo in Oculus SDK supersamples from larger rendered image to the rift resolution, while the Unity integration demo doesn't do that (yet). That'll be fixed once Unity adds MSAA support for rendertextures. More info:

Oculus VR @ GDC 2013: Virtual Reality - The Holy Grail of Gaming
Oculus VR @ GDC 2013: Q&A with Palmer Luckey

I watched those two videos. There were lot of good points in there, but I think there are some points worth reiterating:

Sense of speed on regular screen needs exaggeration - character running 50-60 km/h or a car driving 300-400 km/h. With VR you don't have to exaggerate as much.

Sense of scale with VR is actually realistic - you're able to just look at things and know the scale, e.g. get an accurate idea of how high something is just by looking at it.

For now it's not a good idea to let kids to use Rift as their vision is still developing, and their IPD is small enough so that the current lens separation will still cause extra distortion, even if you would configure for it. Same problem goes for an adult with eyes very close to each other, except an adult doesn't need to worry about affecting developing vision negatively.

VR Player

I tried out the VR Player 0.2 alpha which has added Oculus Rift tracking. Some videos feel quite weird when mapped to a full sphere, as the video itself contains "random" movement and your own head movement adds to that.

Projecting to a plane is quite close to what you can imagine getting if you go sit close to front of a TV or to 1st row in a cinema. That is, your view is filled with the content and you have to rotate head a little bit to focus on the image edges.

I think the player had a bit of unnecessary extra latency with the tracking. Perhaps it is more or less tied to framerate of the video or something (just guessing). Because of that it was uncomfortable after a few minutes.

Looking at videos of some very oldschool demoscene stuff with the VR player was sort of weird experience. Some of the early 3D looks really blocky this way. :) But on the other hand, by looking at some written text in a video using classic DOS font, I was surprised that it was still quite readable. I wonder what it'd be like to see some of that oldschool stuff as an actual VR version. What would be 3D VR textmode demo like?
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