Some initial & random observations about the #Oculus Rift.

I got nauseous quite quickly on the first try. No wonder, since that was without any calibration. The very first observation was that too fast movement will surely trigger nauseousness. 

Now after some experimentation, I have found out that I should move the lenses further away from my eyes... the furthest setting is sort of more comfortable but seems to reduce fov, so I ended up using 3 notches for now (so, almost middle actually).

If lenses are closer, they seem to get a bit foggy very easily... at least my eyes seem to evaporate moisture rapid enough to have that problem (I have the same thing with some models of sunglasses). But, that doesn't happen that much if the lenses are tweaked to be further away.

TF2 vr_calibration can be used to figure out IPD. After doing that, it showed my IPD might be 62.9mm, while the default setting is 64. I can't notice much difference with that. But I heard that's one thing which can affect the motion sickness. BTW you can copy the TF2 settings to HL2. I tried the start of HL2 and found it pretty nice (a bit nicer than the Tuscany demo, I think).

Note that the Unity demo version of the Tuscany scene is nicer than the OculusWorldDemo in SDK.

I also tried to disable Aero composition in Windows. Also, I opened the Tuscany demo in Unity myself, and tried to change location of tracker query to OnPreRender, which is supposed to reduce latency a bit (and then built a new standalone build).

After all this, I feel I get a little bit less motion sickness than with the first tries without calibration stuff. Also those last steps seem to help with tracking smoothness as well, I think.

FPS-style turning around & moving feels awkward. Just standing still and looking around is pretty immersive though. Of course the resolution is still low and you can see the screen door effect. But after a while it seems I "forget" that. Except that anything small keeps flickering just too much. Max anti-aliasing setting helps with this in some cases.

The head mount display blocks external light, so light contrast feels pretty nice.

It's sort of weird fun to lower your virtual height in the Tuscany demo, to simulate being a small child or even smaller animal.
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