IOCCC is being held again for the 20th time. There's still time to take part!

I'm probably not going to make an entry, but I thought I could write a bit about my unfinished try for the previous one. I wrote a little skeleton of a "billiards" game, with balls implemented as simple particles having a radius, moved with Verlet integration as described in the famous character physics paper by Jakobsen. So, nothing special there.

My approach was that I first wrote a little proto with Processing. After I got that working, I rewrote the thing in C (using SDL and OpenGL), and then made an obfuscated version. In the C version I also added a hole in middle of the playing field where balls could drop, which is missing from the prototype version. Unfortunately I couldn't squeeze the final version to fit in the size limit of 4096 bytes (or 2048 excluding whitespace), not even if I cut some features. So I just forgot about the thing.

Now, a few years later, there is WebGL and Processing.js, and just so happens that I was able to do some minor modifications to my original prototype version and just easily export it to run in WebGL-capable browsers. The processing sketch source is included.

If I get requests, I might release the C version as well, but I think I keep it under wraps at least until the IOCCC #20 deadline passes by. ;)
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