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Is your child apprehensive about their upcoming comprehensive
eye exam? We make sure every effort is taken to ensure your child will
have a fun and safe exam. Let your child know that there’s nothing to be
afraid of!
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Did you know that early detection of vision problems in children
can help prevent learning disabilities and reduce the risk of vision loss in
the future? Scheduling regular eye exams for you child is important!
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Does your child seem uninterested in or have trouble reading?
Do they squint and rub their eyes often? He or she may have a vision
problem! Schedule an appointment with our office today!
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Very few parents are aware of the benefits of healthy vision for
kids! Visit to learn more about the importance of
good eyesight in children. Don’t forget to schedule your child’s back-toschool
eye exam!
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Did you know? It is not uncommon for vision problems in
children like lazy eye, double vision, and astigmatism to go unnoticed by
parents. Scheduling routine eye exams for your child can help detect
problems early on!
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If you’re a parent, it’s imperative that you’re scheduling routine
comprehensive eye exams for your child. Don’t wait for them to tell you
they can’t see! Most children can’t identify what “normal” vision is if
their eyes are bad.
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Did you know that an estimated 60% of students identified as
“problem learners” actually have undetected vision problems that are
negatively affecting their ability to learn? Regular eye exams are
important! Schedule your child’s today.
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Did you know that 60% of parents are unaware an eye exam
is an essential part of a child’s healthy checkup schedule! Make an
appointment with our office today to ensure your child’s vision is on
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Were you aware that nearly 50% of parents with children under
the age of six have not taken them to get a comprehensive eye exam?
Undiagnosed vision problems can negatively affect a child’s ability to
learn. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call us today!
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Did you know that almost 25% of parents wait for their child to
show signs of a vision problem before scheduling a comprehensive eye
exam for them? By then, their child could already be behind in school!
Don’t wait! Call our office today.
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