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EloTrain League of Legends Elo Boosting service, DuoQ boosting service, Coaching
EloTrain League of Legends Elo Boosting service, DuoQ boosting service, Coaching

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With only a few months left until end of the season, we are excited to announce our latest offer - buy an extended boost to Diamond/Master right now and get it UP TO 40% discount cheaper than usual!

1. You tell us what rank you want to achieve before end of the season
2. We devise a personal boosting plan for you that guarantees you get the rank in time
3. We slowly get your account up in ranks by boosting it little by little every day
4. You can play on your account whenever you want
5. You pay every month for the results achieved, until the boost is complete

1. Cheaper than usual boosting
2. Completely safe - a boost this slow looks the same as a natural climb
3. You get the new league exactly when you most need it - right before the season rewards
4. Can be combined with Coaching to keep your up with your raising rank

Visit our website and contact the 24/7 LiveChat Support Agent to order!

Hello everyone!
Due to popular demand, we've finally opened our page on G+! It took a little longer than expected, since lately there wasn't a day where we weren't busy working on improving our service, but don't worry - it was totally worth it!

In only a little more than half a year since we've started this boosting service of our own, we've already amassed a few thousands of satisfied customers, hired and tutored dozens of skilled boosters, completely redesigned our website from the ground up, built and tested fully functional Members Area, and spent thousands of dollars on successful ad campaigns - and all that while keeping the ban rate at exactly 0%! Not to mention having lower prices than any of our competitors. ;)

Of course, we're not going to stop there. We're going to improve our service even more, make it bigger, better, and get even closer to our goal of becoming THE best boosting service there is. On this path, we hope for your support, our dear customers, and we're always ready for any questions or suggestions you might have. Just contact us there, or in the chat on our website, or in Skype -

Introductions aside, from now on we're going to be using this Facebook page to post about any of our special offers, discounts, and new features, as well as assorted thoughts and notes on League and Elo boosting. Make sure to follow us so you won't miss anything, and until next time!
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