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A Prayer To Mother Nature

💖 ❤ 💗 ❤ 💚 ❤ 😍 Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening to all my friends out there Globally! 😍 ❤ 💚 ❤ 💗 ❤ 💖

Beloved mother nature full of purity,
Fill my soul
With the sweetest serenity.

Embrace my body so little and poor,
Embrace my heart so weak,
Lead my spirit to a new door.

Beloved mother nature,
Feed my existence with your light.
Beloved mother nature,
Feed my essence with your might.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

The world itself is a heaven
Where nature is kept in its divinity
Nature's wonders are our treasures
Respecting nature as a child's curiosity.

Nature, the feeling itself wonderful
The beautiful nature, the greenery
The most interested river systems
The water flowing through the river
Its sound vibrations always interested.

Nature, the great atmosphere its beauty
Ever we likes to see it and enjoy
In the evening sky a great artist works
To make it so much colorful
No one can imitate in a canvas perfectly.

The wonderful creativity of nature
The forests, mountains, and oceans there
The great mountains and peaks how marvelous
The great poets written volumes of poetry.

Nature ever wonderful phenomenon to people
Nature ever gives such love and help
Efficient unselfish service always it gives
Here, nature we are bound to give reverence.

Himalayas the great world mountains
The Alps and several mountains of the world
The great and highest mount Everest
The holy mount Kailas, Mansarovar lake
Nature that blesses the human beings
In its solitude, calm and coolness.

Nature ever we pay our respects for survival
The existence of humans and animals dependent.
Keep the nature in its perfection always
Make the nature pollution free at all levels.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

The amazing grace of nature
Look at the nature of life
And its amazing grace
The birds are chirping
The frogs are burping
The flowers are blooming
And the butterflies are chirping and dancing
If you are lonely
Nature is the only one
To see the beautiful sun
And you will have lots of fun
You can run and touch the sky
And I will say the sky is my
Look at the stars
Far from mars
Nature is been ruined by cars
See the trees
With the breeze
I am sure you will be freezed
Nature is a boon given to us
But we people make a fuss
So this is the nature
And his creature.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

Golden hill near the village
Beautifully decorated,
By the nature with lot of flowering plants
Golden hill so beautiful.

Golden hill near the village
In the dawn it is nice
The sun rays are pleasantly coming
The straight lines of rays beautiful.

In the evening the sun set scenery
From the top of the golden hill
A pleasant experience oneself to see
The nature is carefully made it.

But unfortunate to say hill is in danger
The heavy down pour damaged the hill
A part of it completely washed off
The valley and paddy field fully filled.

Nature makes beautiful hills
Nature destroys it in its own calamities
Nature a wonderful creator and destroyer
Nature itself is also a perfect teacher.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

Nature, the wonderful nature,
God created many things in nature.
He made the clouds,
On a rainy day they all cry loud.

He made the animals and birds,
That we see in flocks or herds.
He also made the trees,
Don't cut them please.

Nature also includes the sky,
There the beautiful birds fly.
This is god's loveliest creation,
People pay some attention.

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