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They stole our name, but we are the true Conservatives.
I wasn’t going to write about politics, but someone chastised me for not being a Conservative while supposedly I owe a lot to the Conservative party. I have been a Progressive Conservative Albertan since 1968 when I was sold on the Peter Lougheed message. He started the party from nothing and became the Premier in 1971 if my memory serves me right. He set us up so well that his party remained in power for 44 years until it was changed beyond recognition. A true leader, he was, concerned with the people of Alberta and proud of being a Canadian.
Lougheed was born and raised in Alberta, an athletic, Harvard graduate and above all a privileged guy who shared his good luck with others for the good of all. His educated vision was for Alberta to use the temporary prosperity from oil and build a prosperous clean, attractive province for future generations. Investments in education, health care, and other social ventures are paying off to this day. Oil boomed, but oil corporations knew he was the boss. Hospitals and universities sprung up, Alberta Energy company insured that we prosper and Alberta became a destination for people seeking a good future.
After a brief change over, Peter was replaced by Ralph Klein who was the opposite. A not very athletic, high school dropout, Ralph sold the goose for a few golden eggs. My Conservative party now dismantled the legacy of Lougheed, sold the assets, spent the savings, and allowed us to become a one big company town owned by private corporations.
Move forward to 2019, when the contest is wedged between champions of the two theories. On the right side is Jason Kenney an Ontario born Saskatchewan raised, man who dropped out of a US Jesuit University, was active in the Young Liberals and moved to Alberta to be elected as a Conservative. He and another Albertan Stephen Harper led the Federal government for ten years never completing even one of our pipelines that we have going east which would have guaranteed Canada energy independence. A pipeline east now would have provided a market for the oil which Peter Lougheed invested so much of our tax dollars to develop.
On the left side of the rink, we have a small but smart Alberta woman who grew up seeing the Lougheed advantage and under another banner decided to revive the Alberta Advantage. Just like Lougheed, she believes that investing in the people, infrastructure and diversifying the economy is the answer. The only main difference is, she is doing it while the province is suffering greatly from low world oil prices and from mistakes made before her time. Most of Alberta’s advantage has been sold, and those who bought it are trying to squeeze the last few pennies out, often at the expanse of Albertans.
Not surprisingly the fight between “left” and “right” is most noticeable in countries and provinces where there is oil. The people who own the oil, since it is on their lands, often are pushing “left” since they wish to benefit from their resources. We have all known for years that oil will come to an end since we recorded Lougheed saying it. The question has always been, who will get the money and what will they do with it. Peter wanted to make the future bright for all Albertans, and those who followed him chose to give it to outside companies and friends in exchange for staying in power.
My Alberta which I invested a lifetime of work to make better for my children and their children is not going the way I thought it would. The lady Premier is investing in children, elders, public education, transportation, diversified economy, families and health facilities, just as, Lougheed did. Her efforts are challenged by a New party that stole the name Conservatives doing what I consider damage to those of us who built the place.
A party, supported by some rural Canadians and a lot of new immigrants is threatening to reverse the good work that she is doing. A political force that wants us to work for less, reduce taxes for those who are taking our resources, privatize our health care, charge us to use our roads, reduce money for our schools giving it to private schools and fighting against our efforts to reduce pollution, is gaining in the polls. They do it by spending vast amounts of money on marketing as I see on expensive electronic billboards.
I am truly afraid that The Conservatives of my generation, and probably the parents of most of you, are losing the fight to outside “investors” who don’t have our province’ best interest in mind. They will skim the cream off the top and leave us to fight the floods and fires on our own. They will not worry about how we will afford to clean up after them and find ways to feed ourselves after the need for oil is gone. All those who came here in the boom times will go, and all of Alberta will be like a coal mining town after coal was no longer needed.
I have the fortune of remembering the last fifty years in Alberta and the ability to assess what I saw and pass it on to younger generations. I will not be affected much by what is taking place, but I care about my children and the future of this province and the world around it. I also care about the investment that a lot of people that are now gone made in this place.
I am a Progressive Conservative, as were most people who worked with me to make this a great place for our future generations. No one with a fake interest in what we were doing is going to say that I am not. This is my opinion anyway.
Here is a link to my blog: Feel free to check other articles and comment.
The man who invented modern Alberta, and the woman who made it possible.
7225136[1] From Montreal Gazette Published in the Calgary Herald 2012.
The Simple Raven's Post
The Simple Raven's Post
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An interesting comment made on a youtub video. We mostly see "the other side."

Middle East TRUTH18 hours ago

There has never been such a country called Palestine. Israel was re-formed on land previously ruled by the Ottoman empire, similarly to other countries in the region such as Lebanon, Iraq and others. There is no such thing as "Palestinian people". It's worth noting that newspapers such as the 'Palestine post' were Jewish newspapers (this one for example turned into the 'Jerusalem post'). This is also true about other official "Palestine" related stuff from the time before Israel was re-formed. Hebrews were the majority in Jerusalem even before the birth of the Zionist movement in the 19th century. If someone happened to use the term "Palestine" before the re-formation of Israel, he was referring to the homeland of the Jevvs (the land of Israel) - not the Arabs. It's worth noting that the flag of the "Palestinian Authority" is the flag of Hejaz.

The British Mandate over the land, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, actually included also what is now Jordan (which includes the "east bank" – part of historic Israel), and according to the League of Nations (precursor of the UN), this Mandate was to become a national homeland for the Jevvs (the Arabs would get their own independent lands in all the rest of the greater middle-east, an area which makes the land of Israel insignificant in comparison). Note that according to the UN's constitution, all the past resolutions of the League of Nation are valid.
The British Authorities, due to their own interests with the Arabs (among others – future oil dealings), gave them 77% of the land – which later became what is now Jordan. There are over 20 Arab countries, and almost 60 lsIamic countries – each on average way bigger than Israel, but the Arabs couldn't tolerate the existence of tiny Israel, even after being given most of the land of the mandate. Instead, they tried to annihilate it by force with the Arab armies the moment it was officially independent (and have attempted to do so several times again since then).

The coIoniaI term "Palestine" was discarded after it was brought to life under the British rule, as it should have been, because the original name for the land - Israel, has been restored (Israel is not Palestine, just like Jerusalem is not Aelia-Capitolina, and Schehem is not Nablus).
It is only in the mid 1960's that the Arabs hijacked the term, and its widespread usage only took off after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The Arabs used this terminology as a political propaganda tool to de-legitimize Israel, after they failed to steal the Hebrew homeland by force with the Arab armies, by invading and attempting to conquer the land. Ironically, the term "Palestinian" originate from the term 'Pleshet' to describe INVADERS by the Hebrews. Those who willingly identify as "Palestinians" are declaring themselves to be invaders/colonizers in Hebrew land.
It's important to note that this propaganda tool was supported by the Communists/Soviets. On the other hand, just a few decades before that, the Arab "Palestinians" were hand in hand with the Nazis. They have aided them under the leadership of the mufti Amin Al-Husseini - who is often regarded as the 'founding father' of the Arab "Palestinians". During WW2 he became an SS general, but he had anti-Jewish genocidal ideology long before the Nazis rose the power. He has incited and caused violence and terror against the Jewish people in their homeland since the early 1920's (for example: 1929 Hebron massacre).

"Palestinians" are nothing more than bands of foreign invaders, squatters and illegal immigrants from all over the Islamic world – mostly the Arab world (some of them even originating from places that are not part of the middle-east, such as Bosnia), as well as several other places. The overwhelming majority of them first settled in the land of Israel in recent centuries - mostly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of them even came to Gaza, Judea and Samaria from Egypt and Jordan while these areas were under Egyptian and Jordanian occupation in the period between 1948 to 1967.

Informative quotes from Arab "Palestinian" leaders:
"There is no such country as Palestine. 'Palestine' was invented by the Zionists. There is no Palestine in the bible ...Palestine is ALIEN to us" - Arab "Palestinian" leader Awni Abdul Hadi, Peel Commission, 1937.

"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity... Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan." - Arab "Palestinian" leader & PLO member Zuheir Mohsen, 1977.

"I don’t think there is 'Palestinian People', I don’t think there is a 'Palestinian Nation' at all… 'Palestinian Nation'? I think that is a colonial invention. When were there ever 'Palestinians'?" – Arab "Palestinian" leader Azme Bishara, TV Interview.

"We all have Arab roots, and every Palestinian in Gaza and throughout Palestine can prove his Arab roots - whether from Saudi Arabia, Yemen or anywhere else." "... Half the Palestinians are (Arab) Egyptians and the other half are (Arab) Saudis" - Arab "Palestinian" Hamas minister Fathi Hammad, 2012.

Here are some common "Palestinian" families and their place of origin:
Saudi, Al-Husseini, Al-Hassan, Hijazi, Tamimi, Erekat, Barghouti, Qureshi, Badawi – Saudi Arabia
Yamani, Azad – Yemen
Haddadins – Yemen (Ghassanids)
Masri, Masrawa, Tartir, Bardawil, Fayumi – Egypt
Abu Kishk, Shakirat, Zabidat, Aramsha, Abu Sitta, Abu Sutta, Shaalan – Egypt (Bedouins)
Turki, Sultan, Uthuman – Turkey
Iraqi, Baghdadi, Faruqi, Tachriti, Zoabi, Abbas – Iraq
Nashashibi, Hurani, Allawi, Halabi – Syria
Lubnani, Tarabulsi, Sidawi, Surani – Lebanon
Bushnak – Bosnia
Khamis – Bahrain
Afghani – Afghanistan
Mughrabi – Maghreb
Araj – Morocco
Djazair – Algeria
Kurd – Kurdistan
Hindi – Indian Subcontinent
Abid – Sudan

Yasser Arafat, the most famous "Palestinian" and leader of the PLO terrorist organization, was not native to Judea. He called himself a "Palestinian refugee" but spoke Arabic with an Egyptian accent. He was born in 1929 Cairo, Egypt. He served in the Egyptian army, studied in the University of Cairo, and lived in Cairo until 1956! His full name was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat Al-Qudwa Al-Husseini.

Yasser Arafat also proudly stated in his authorized biography that: "If there is any such thing as a Palestinian people, it is I, Yasser Arafat, who created them."

Genetic data for "Palestinians":
According to a 2010 study by Behar et al. Palestinians tested clustered genetically close to Bedouins, Jordanians and Saudi Arabians which was described as "consistent with a common origin in the Arabian Peninsula".
A study found that the Palestinians, have what appears to be Female-Mediated gene flow in the form of Maternal DNA Haplogroups from Sub-Saharan Africa. Palestinian individuals tested, carried maternal haplogroups that originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. The explanation for the presence of predominantly female lineages of African origin in these areas is that they trace back to women brought from Africa as part of the Arab slave trade, assimilated into the areas under Arab rule.
In a genetic study of Y-chromosomal STRs in two populations from Israel and the Palestinian Authority Area: Christian and Muslim Palestinians showed genetic differences.
A 2013 study of Haber and et al. found that "The predominantly Muslim populations of Syrians, Palestinians and Jordanians cluster on branches with other Muslim populations as distant as Morocco and Yemen."
The authors explained that "religious affiliation had a strong impact on the genomes of the Levantines. In particular, conversion of the region's populations to Islam appears to have introduced major rearrangements in populations' relations through admixture with culturally similar but geographically remote populations leading to genetic similarities between remarkably distant populations."

Even the Quran:
And thereafter We (Allah) said to the Children of Israel: "Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd" [17 : 104]
O my people (Jevvs)! Enter the Holy Land, which God has assigned unto you [5 : 21]
We (Allah) settled the Israelites in a blessed land and provided them with good things [10 : 93]
It was our (Allah's) will to favor those who were oppressed (Jevvs) and to make them leaders of man, to bestow on them a noble heritage and to give them power in the land (of Israel) [28 : 5-6]
We (Allah) gave the persecuted people (Jevvs) dominion over the eastern and western lands which We had blessed (the east and west banks of the Jordan River). Thus your Lord's gracious word was fulfilled for the Israelites, because they had endured with fortitude [7 : 137]

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The Simple Raven's Post. Published in The Pass Herald.
Choose Love or Greed?
Choose Love or Greed?
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If we remember we will not repeat.
(domenica 27.01.2019)
L’Assemblea Generale dell’ONU, in data 1° novembre 2005, durante la 42ª riunione plenaria, con la risoluzione 60/7, ha stabilito di celebrare il “Giorno della Memoria” ogni 27 gennaio, poiché in quel giorno del 1945, le truppe dell'Armata Rossa, impegnate nell’offensiva oltre la Vistola, in direzione della Germania, liberarono il campo di concentramento di Auschwitz.
Quel giorno, le truppe sovietiche del maresciallo Ivan Konev, appartenenti alla 60ª Armata del "Primo Fronte ucraino", arrivarono per prime presso la città polacca di Oświęcim (in tedesco Auschwitz), scoprendo il vicino campo di concentramento e liberandone i superstiti.
Ciò permise di mostrare al mondo intero non solo molti testimoni della tragedia, ma anche gli strumenti di tortura e di annientamento utilizzati in quel lager nazista.
I sovietici erano già arrivati, poco prima, a liberare altri campi, come quello di Chełmno e quello di Bełżec, ma, essendo luoghi di sterminio, e non di concentramento, erano solo vere e proprie fabbriche di morte, dove i nazisti uccidevano col gas, immediatamente, i deportati.
La data del 27 gennaio, in ricordo della Shoah, lo sterminio del popolo ebraico, è indicata quale data ufficiale agli Stati membri dell'ONU.
Grazie per l’attenzione di chi legge.
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The Simple Raven's Post, Published in The Pass Herald. A political commentary.
Mary Poppins in politics.
Mary Poppins in politics.
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A message of hope for the new year as published in the Pass Herald.
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So beautiful.
Shirakawa Japón ❄❄❄
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Happy New Year to all the good people on this blog. May the new year bring us uncorrupt leaders.
I wish everybody a Happy New Year. Stay fit and positive is the best way to survive the vagaries of life.
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Hans Christian Anderson told the story of the little match girl to a country that now is the happiest people on earth. Consider it when you choose your governments.

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