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Sally Volved
I drink out of the toilet. I have no shame.
I drink out of the toilet. I have no shame.

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Unlimited means "unlimited." I hope that this idea catches on. The picture is completely unrelated.

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Taking things a bit too far? Heaven forbid that you smoke in a well ventilated area (outside) on your own property.

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Hey! Look what +Geof Fantastico brought me today! It is an Olver hound dog! We had fun racing around the first floor chasing each other and then some lady came by and took my Oliver toy away from me.

+The G+ DogPark
Oliver (4 photos)
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Hi +The G+ DogPark dogs and people. That man showed me this video tonight and I think they might be related to me.

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Thanks +The G+ DogPark for adding me. I look forward to running around with my new friends.

Quick! +Geof F. is away from the computer. Let's have fun!

Take my love, take my land

Complete it.

+Geof F. is the best.

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I joined. Making new dog friends in my favorite pastime.
Welcome to the Google Plus Dog Park brand page!

The G+ DogPark began on October 16, 2011. It is a way for dog lovers to engage with each other to celebrate their canine friends and converse about an infinite number of related topics. If you tag posts with “G+ DogPark” and then use the tag in Search Google, the resulting stream will truly reflect our exuberant dog park community.

This brand page represents the G+ DogPark stream by sharing posts created, and providing a means for the Very Important Pooches (VIPs) to be featured in both the albums as well as the gallery. See “About” for more details. The page contains easy access to important information, such as the most current DogPark Members Circle.

Circle this brand page and join the G+ DogPark Circle for the full experience of the Biggest Dog Park in the World!

When I snarl at you it is not because I dislike you. In fact I love you. It is just my way of telling you to not wake me. If only there were about dogs that are sleeping and letting them be. And when I nip at you it isn't personal. I never really clamp down. I could you know. Why would I do that to my best buddy in the world? I just want to sleep where I am. I do not want to be moved into that stupid really expensive doggy hutch that you bought for me. I am content sleeping behind the toilet.
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