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Working in Science
Working in science used to be (primarily) the domain of highly educated, academics: scientists who had started their careers with a university degree and become “experts” in a relatively narrow area of study. Many people still think of scientists in this way.

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Can Stress Kill You?
Stress can be chronic or acute. Acute stress occurs when we are suddenly faced with a traumatic event. For example, if suddenly a person came at us with a knife or we are told we have an exam tomorrow we knew nothing about. Acute stress is sudden. It causes the body to react. You may have heard of the fight or flight response. When we are in a difficult situation, our body prepares to run or to fight. In the modern world, that is not so easy. If we are stressed because our boss shouts at us, it is not really appropriate to fight or run away, so that stress can be retained inside our body.

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Issue 8 of the new Dogs and Pets Magazine is out now in newsagents. Or you can subscribe electronically on our website:


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Grow your own vegetables:

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We have just published a new ebook called Rodents, Rabbits and their Relatives, have a look on our bookshop site for more information:

How to Get Work in Horticulture
The good news is that there is a shortage for horticultural expertise and globally, a growing demand for that expertise. The industry, like all industries is changing fast though; and that is causing shifts in where work is to be found -both in terms of physical location and industry sector. Traditional avenues for employment are drying up everywhere - I know for a fact that is the way in Australia, UK & USA ....but at the same time new opportunities are emerging.

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