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Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency
Helping Hands for You and Your Home
Helping Hands for You and Your Home


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We Find Joy in Serving You

Are you looking for a health buddy who never lets you down? Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency is established to back you up even in your lowest of times! Our services are centered on placing you in your utmost comfort as you deal with your current health condition. We find joy serving you through:

If you need company at home, or with your daily whereabouts, we are always ready to stick with you as you wish. It is our desire to inject joy into your heart amidst whatever upsetting condition you are faced with.

If you have gone too frail to perform homemaking tasks on your own, you can rely on us to assume your responsibilities of homemaking. Like you, we find it a necessity to keep the home in order.

3.Personal Care
If your body calls for personal care and assistance, especially in performing activities of daily living, our hearts are geared towards serving you so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Find out more services we are capable of delivering to your home! Consult us at (402) 281-9829.
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Brighter Tomorrow After the Dark Days

Have you been living with a chronic or terminal illness, injury, or disability? Don’t let your dark days shatter a brighter tomorrow. At Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency, we help keep your joy alive no matter the hurdles you are going through. Know that it is always our joy to serve you.

#JoyInService #HomeCare
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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Homemaker:

a.Does the person have the right skills and qualities needed to deliver excellent homemaking services?
b.Can the person be trusted with your belongings at home?
c.Has the person gone through relevant experiences in the field?

When looking for a homemaker, make no mistake partnering with Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency! Contact (402) 281-9829.

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4 Ways the Health-Challenged Can Enjoy Holidays

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. However, doing so when with a serious health dilemma can be tough and challenging. Here are tips to enjoy holidays in Omaha even with a health condition:

1.Go for Walks
Take a walk on the riversides of Omaha and enjoy beautiful sites you can witness from your view. To ensure safety, request for a companion.

2.Visit Sites
Savor the privilege of being in Omaha, and stop by its historical museums, park, and the famous Aquarium. Tag along a friend and make sure you have enough pictures for memories.

3.Watch Commemorations
If the holiday is intended to commemorate a significant event in history, give time to participate in the commemoration and watch it live or on television. Match your viewing with some healthy snacks just to keep your stomach full during the long day.

4.Bond with the Family
For less hassle, you can opt to spend the holiday with your family at home, exchanging conversations, watching films, or feasting on healthy meals and snacks.

If you wish for a companion to keep you company, just call Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency at (402) 281-9829.
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A Family that Needs Respite

A family plays the vital role in supporting ill-stricken loved ones. However, exhaustion is an inevitable reality for family members, causing them to long for a break.

Get the break you deserve without having to compromise your loved one’s homecare needs! Be refreshed through Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency’s Respite Care. For inquiries, call (402) 281-9829 today. #RespiteCare
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Bounce Back from an Accident

Are you hardly getting on your knees after experiencing an accident? Strive to continue living to the fullest with the assistance of Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency! We are dedicated to offering Companionship and Personal Care as we see fit. For details, call (402) 281-9829. #Companionship #PersonalCare
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10 Prevention Tips from Injuries Caused by Accidents

Most injuries can be caused by accidents, ones people may have never anticipated they would experience. Do you wish to exempt yourself from the proneness of injury caused by accidents? Here are ten tips for you:

TIP #1: Avoid stepping into hazardous areas without precautions.

TIP #2: Strive to be more careful and watchful in everything and less clumsy.

TIP #3: Gauge your capability before trying out new adventures.

TIP #4: Be extra cautious not to get drunk with alcohol, especially while away from home.

TIP #5: Exercise regularly to build and strengthen your muscles.

TIP #6: Fill your body with enough nutrients by eating the right types of healthy food.

TIP #7: Keep your body hydrated at all times.

TIP #8: Wear protective gears each time you engage in a risky sport.

TIP #9: During physical activities, do not exert an effort beyond your body’s limits.

TIP #10: Find the discipline of applying proper posture no matter the situation.

Walk through your steps away from injuries! But if in case you know somebody who’s been badly injured from an accident, Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency can take care of them at home! Contact us at (402) 281-9829.
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5 Common Contenders of Seniors’ Health

The following are 5 common health concerns seniors contend with:

1.Memory issues like Alzheimer’s
4.Fall risks and osteoporosis
5.Heart and breathing problems

Seniors can contend with these health concerns better with the help of Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency. Follow us on Facebook to stay posted! #HealthConcerns #Senior
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24/7 Non-Medical Home Care

Serving you with 24-hour availability, you are just a phone call away from obtaining your homecare needs! Find out how Joy in Service Senior Home Care Agency can help better your condition. Grab your phone and give us a call at (402) 281-9829. #NonMedical #HomeCare
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