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The Official Podcast of Blizzpro
The Official Podcast of Blizzpro

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I'm very sad to announce that there will be NO show tonight. I've been sick for 6 days and my voice is shot. We'll be back next week!

But next week we will be proudly introducing....our 4th co-host.

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We're tackling what's coming out of these Developer Interviews, Twitch and YouTube guru Archon the Wizard is here....and what the heck is an "Aggro Deck"?  Welcome to BlizzPro's Twizzcast! 

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Ask Mr. Robot joins us, we have a D3 expansion to talk about a Hearthstone Beta key and could you be the new face of our show?  Welcome to BlizzPro's Twizzcast! 

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We have a few expansions on the horizon, the Hearthstone closed beta is here and I'm flying solo on this weeks episode of BlizzPro's Twizzcast!

So, you heard it right, Twizz is flying solo this week.  Basically, real life snuck up on Thursday (our normal recording day) and we weren't able to do a show.  HOWEVER, Blizzard dumped a TON of news on the community and BlizzPro and myself NEEDED to put something out!  It's too good to let sit for a week, am I right? 

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This week we've got some prizes, WoW, Hearthstone and Diablo coverage and the head cheese from Icy Veins....welcome to BlizzPro's Twizzcast!

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We were having some problems with iTunes which required taking the site down for awhile. Everything is working now. Should have the video up tonight.

We are back with our normal co-hosts after 2 awesome episodes with special guests!  Reb is looking for a healer for her 3's team as well as getting her 3rd toon to level 90 in World of Warcraft.  Hota....well...he's been beat down by "the man" so his game time is fairly limited.  Twizz has a laundry list of stuff (for once) that he's been doing though.  He is proud to announce the creation of "Guacamelee"  the pet battling monk from the depths of Mexico.  With his 3 cock-a-roaches by his side, you're in for some laughs as this toon makes his way towards 90.  There's also talk of Twizz's experience with the new desktop beta client!  Lastly, Twizz has been doing a lot of raiding on his monk....who is ungemmed, unenchanted and hasn't set foot in front of the reforger yet.  That stirs up a great discussion topic of "when do you start adding gems and enchants to your toon?"

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The Audio version is ready for download. Enjoy.

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The Diablo Interview has concluded.  Here's a note about the interview that  we would like to bring forward.

For those of you who believed that the developers were going to come onto the show and make big announcements, I'm sorry you were let down.  But let's face it, a podcast isn't their platform of choice to make such announcements.  Usually when they make announcements about a new class, or the addition to PvP they incorporate videos and more in depth looks at it that will answer player questions up front.  They had no way to do that on the show especially when they only had an hours worth of time and knew that the Twizzcast crew was bombarded with questions of every shape and size. 

Here is what we did pull out of the interview: 

This is going to be a HUGE year for Diablo at BlizzCon.  Do you want your answers?  You'll likely get everything and more in November.

They didn't confirm or give any information about additional classes.  However by the tone in their voices, you can tell they were anxious and borderline upset that they couldn't say anything.  Again, I'd be willing to bet the videos, descriptions and pictures they want to deliver with new information will be available at Blizzcon.

Game Designer Travis Day did a phenomenal job at addressing itemization and their stance on loot with useless stats or items that consistently drop that are of no use. 

In the end, you can take away whatever you'd like from this interview.  For the people who are not die-hard Diablo fans, a lot of information from this interview is exceptionally useful since this is likely the first time it's coming across their screen as a casual or returning player.  We at BlizzPro are exceptionally grateful to have been given the time to spend with these guys and are looking forward even more to what's in store for Diablo.  With that, please enjoy the show...

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About 30 minutes till the start of our Diablo 3 Developer Q&A. The chat room is filling up and we have CM Vaeflare in the house. 

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