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as today is Rosh Hashana, i'm going to be true to my self. i'm going to block some of you.

please don't take it personally. as my About page has always said, this is a place for ME. but i've been lax and wanted to SEE some of you and stay in touch. but, really? many of you i don't see that much and don't know THAT well and that's fine. we're still friends.

facebook is the place for my greater social circles - the comics community and the Faire community and so on - but G+ is for ME.

it's for what happened at work today, and what Ernie did last night. it's for frustrations and thoughts.

what this means is that i like you. and i DO want to stay in touch with you. like, maybe on Facebook. but not here. here is where i keep ME. not where i keep "Adrienne that I know from [x/y/z]"

so ta.

if you think i've accidentally blocked you and you seem to be missing any posts from here on out, feel free to add me again or email me - maybe i clicked the wrong link or blocked the wrong person too quickly. we all make mistakes.

and please do find me on Facebook if we're not already Friends there.
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Attention: I will be BEER GIRL for the Grant Morrison event at the Isotope on August 6th. Be there or be ... not cool. Also? GRANT MORRISON !!
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if you didn't see the USA win v. Brazil in Womens' World Cup, this 5.33 is for you. Rachel Maddow sets it up and explains it in a way that can only make you smile.
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have decided to lock down google+ only to the people i know well enough. as a consequence i'll be removing a few people who have already joined the g+ bandwagon.

no offense to all the faire people, comics people, etc. whom i've shared a laugh and/or a drink with, but if i don't see or stay in touch with you regularly then you can find me on Facebook.
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