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We build energy efficient cellular shades!
We build energy efficient cellular shades!

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It's getting brisk outside! Meaning it's time to tidy up your home's insulation. We wanted to compare our EcoSmart cellular window treatments to other available treatments in the industry.

How did we do?

Pretty good, if we do say so ourselves! 
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When used correctly, floral based decor can enhance your home's decor. They also complement our cellular window shades exceptionally well! 

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We were featured in Blog A La Cart today!  Check out this awesome piece on DIY decorating a girl's bedroom.  Ashley, a Vermonter herself, sure knows how to work with color and design - and she picked out a perfect color for her blackout shades!
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Want to cut down on heat loss in your home? Find out what energy efficient window treatments will do for the R-Value of your home! 

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Arch Shades are a very unique window treatment. Allow us to introduce you to  the variety of different styles and shapes they come in! 

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Something that a lot of people overlook in their homes, their children's bedrooms. Don't take a risk, go cordless to give you peace of mind

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Picking out shades for a bedroom or nursery can be a difficult. Here at EcoSmart Shades we recommend that all parents go cordless for their child's bedroom. 

Why is this? 

Cordless shades are the only 100% child safe window treatment available. Don't take a chance with your child's bedroom, go cordless! 

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R-Value - it's a big deal.  It represents a measure of resistance against heat transfer - the higher, the more resistant. Different homes, and different parts of the home, require different R-values.  

We were featured on today's +Small Footprints blog!  Check it out and see how EcoSmart Shades can add some serious R to your windows!

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Moving into a new apartment?

If so, you'll have tons of decisions to make. Make a savvy first investment in your space and pick out a set of new cellular window treatments! 

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The future is a bold place, and it's changing every day.  There is always an improvement in the works, and we foresee our cellular shades staying strong and holding their own in the future years of home improvement. 

How can we be so sure?

1. Online Shopping makes buying insulating shades easier and more economical than ever.
2. Cordless Shades will be the hot commodity.
3. They beat window quilts.
4. Energy efficiency is the name of the game, and these shades are pros.
5. Cellular shades will evolve with technology.

Read more about it on our blog!

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