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Md Azeem
I am a student and a struggling blogger.
I am a student and a struggling blogger.


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How to delete your Facebook Account Permanently
Today, I'm going to share about how to delete your Facebook Account Permanently. Deleting doesn't refer to deactivating. Both are different. If you Deactivate your account, it can be activated again. (Deactivation is temporary) If you Delete your account, i...

LIFE?  Life is existence of a living soul. God gave us Life to live not to Die, Make use of it. Death has a time, it is natural. Don't think of it. Enjoy your Life, Be Happy, Open up your Heart, Become Childish.. Who cares? Sacrifice your sadness for your H...

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I wanna kiss the most cute person of the world….. . . . . . . . but My lips can’t touch my cheeks How sad...     

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I wish i could be happy all the tym instead of living 100 years! #philosopher #mdazeem :D :p ;) 

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Unexpected text messages are always nice... The fact is that the person took a little bit of their time to make you smile.... <3 :="" p="" y="">

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You can stay in my heart without any rent! ;) :D 8-) visit once u'l love dat! <3 8-="" :="" p=""> #philosopher #mdazeem ;)  :D

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I wrote ua name in my walls of heart as a reminder so dat wenever my heart beats i cn rememba u!  
#philosopher #mdazeem 8-) ;) :D

What is a Blog?
A blog is a platform where a person can share his/her knowledge on the web. There are different types of blogs and bloggers around the world. From my view the main Blog sites are Blogger  and  Wordpress .The blog which is easy to use is blogger, because it ...
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