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August West

I have a question about transcoding. I was copying songs from iTunes on a Mac to an android phone. I have one album with 11 songs in AIFF format. Ten of the songs were transcoded and loaded onto the phone, but one song gave an error of "Unable to transcode". As far as I know, all the songs are in the same format, and they play on my Mac and an iPod. Any idea how to get that song into doubletwist on the phone?


Hi - I'm using doubletwist 2.7.4 on a Samsung Galaxy Luna running Android 6.0.1. I'm having trouble with headset button controls. I've tried VAVA Flex, Klipsch S4A, which are both sold as Android headsets, as well as the stock Apple iPod headset. With all of them, I cannot use a triple click to go back to the previous song. Single click is play/pause, double click skips to the next song, but a triple click skips two songs ahead, rather than going back. I've also tried using the Klipsch controller app, and the Headset Button Controller App, with no luck for the triple click. The Headset Button Controller app has a debug setting, which shows you what buttons you pushed. That shows me that it receives the triple click, but doubletwist does not respond correctly to it.

Anyone have an idea what's going on?

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