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If you have playlists with variable musical genres, the volume adjustment option in iTunes is essential if you don’t want to be constantly fiddling with volume controls. Once you’ve set up the adjustment it’s possible to mix classical, ambient, IDM and…

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I've been using ambient (can't stand the term "New Age") music as an improved working background. Much of my favourite music can be too distracting if there is a lot going on.

The 5th track on this is a very long drone piece. I think it helps to have longer tracks that can cover "task length" pieces of time - say 20-30 minutes.

I'm making an attempt to reduce distraction while keeping things on my computer present relevant to work. I've cleared my worksurface of distracting devices. It was a bad idea to put an iPhone right there in front of me. I've switched it to "do not disturb" mode. It's also on silent.

The trouble with needing a web application for work is that it's too easy to open another tab for something. I think what I need is a "single purpose" browser that refuses to branch to another domain, as if the web application was just an application.

I could be more disciplined, but there are ways technology can help...

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I thought this was interesting, but also amusing to see the patronising view expressed that "poor people can't make good decisions".
So what would happen if you gave $300 to a middle-class American?

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Tools, tools - are they useful? I have wasted quite a bit of time messing about with shiny looking productivity apps, but this is not really a problem with the app itself, there are just too many of them.
Recently I've returned to OmniFocus, which is a GTD implementation but this can be used in a minimalist version of the system like +Leo Babauta 's ZTD. I think the issue I've had before is playing with a tool rather than using it seriously for a few weeks to see if it's working.
One of OmniFocus' helpful things is the quick recording of "stuff" using a global shortcut - the minute you think of something while working you can type it and save in a couple of seconds. This is starting to cut out some distractions.

Has anyone else found a tool that works positively?
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